YGRR Volunteer Program

Dear YGRR Members and Friends, 

Each year, hundreds of YGRR Volunteers provide thousands of hours of service in support of various facets of our program including:

— Providing Home Visits for prospective adopters
— Transporting incoming dogs from shelters/transfers to our participating veterinarians
— Assisting with website maintenance
— Supporting Staff with administrative and retail functions
— Helping with fundraising and at Special Events
— Performing community outreach and educating the public on YGRR’s behalf
— Sharing their skills to help with overall property upkeep and special projects
— Participating in our ‘Volunteer CareGiver’ Canine Education, Enrichment, Exercise & Environment program which helps minimize the stress and maximize the well-being and adoptability of the dogs waiting here for their forever families.

Volunteers with a variety of skills are needed to ensure the success of all of these programs. It is the commitment of these Volunteers and our Staff that keeps YGRR running and it is the dogs they serve who inspire these efforts.

We wanted to invite you to Volunteer if you are not already.  If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected] for an application.  As a current YGRR Member, the $20 processing fee will be waived.

After we review your information, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your training and will add you to our private Facebook page to be advised of new projects and opportunities for ongoing training and specialized support.

Thank you for considering volunteering; your help is GREATLY appreciated by all of us at YGRR — most especially the wonderful dogs!