Windsor #5117

Previously Featured Adoptions – March 2015

Windsor came to YGRR at the age of 3. Her family included 3 very young children and it was difficult to give everyone the time they needed, especially since Windsor was an extremely active Golden girl who required a great deal of attention and exercise. Her family wanted her to have the best home with the amount of attention she needed, so Windsor was soon on her way into our program.

Windsor was given a complete checkup at our vet hospital. Unfortunately, Windsor had a torn cruciate ligament and meniscus that would require surgery. She came to Riverview to settle in and we scheduled her to meet with an orthopedic surgeon. In the meantime, we started getting to know her. As we were told, Windsor was a very fun-loving and enthusiastic girl. She loved tennis balls and was very friendly to people and other animals. She had a lot of energy and was always ready for her next adventure!

The surgeon confirmed our vet’s suspicions. Windsor came through her surgery very well. Because she had so much energy, we knew it would be a challenge to keep her quiet after her operation. We kept her busy with frozen Kongs filled with food and cream cheese to give her something to focus on, and we limited her activity to her prescribed rehabilitation. All our efforts paid off and Windsor recovered beautifully. Luckily, Windsor already had a family waiting for her, so she was soon in her adoptive home finishing her recuperation.

Windsor is now a very happy, healthy girl in her new home. Her family has learned that she is sometimes too smart for her own good. They are vigilant about not leaving food within her reach. They also have to be careful because Windsor can open some doors! They love their intelligent, fun, active Golden girl, and they include Windsor in as many activities and trips as they can. Windsor loves her active lifestyle and is thriving as a beloved member of her new family!

Windsor thanks you for your support. Her enthusiasm for life required a family with the lifestyle to suit her individual personality, a responsibility we take very seriously. Your contributions allowed Windsor to have the surgery she needed to continue her active lifestyle. Your support also makes it possible for us to operate Riverview, our adoption center, where we get to personally know each dog so we can match them to just the right home. Windsor and all the Rescue dogs thank you and send big wags and kisses your way!