Turkish Rescue Goldens

Since the start of our Turkish rescue efforts during November 2015, YGRR has taken in a total of 30 beautiful Goldens in need from Turkey. Our efforts are continuing, as we help Goldens make their way to the United States. YGRR expects to be welcoming 18 more of the Turkish Goldens in a few months.

Golden Retrievers that have been abandoned in Turkey have a new chance at a happy life in the United States. Some of these beautiful Goldens have been left in shelters, while some are left to starve in the streets and forest. Pictured below are two 2 precious Goldens that were left to fend for themselves at a dump in Turkey. Without intervention, they would not survive. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, these two Goldens will be making their journey to Riverview soon.

With an average cost of $2000 per Golden, donations help cover the cost of veterinary care, quarantine in Turkey prior to their travel to the U.S., and the cost of bringing the dogs to the United States. To make a donation  to this cause, click on one of the links listed below, or mail your check to YGRR, PO Box 808 Hudson, MA 01749, and specify that you would like the donation to go towards Turkish Rescue.

YGRR is committed to our beloved breed, and we can’t say no to these dogs who so desperately need our help.

 We continue to rescue and place Goldens and mixes from New England and the US. In conjunction with other US based rescue groups, and rescue groups in Turkey, we are hard at work to find all Goldens in need wonderful homes.

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