The Surprise Inside: When one dog turns into 11

 Late last spring, just days before she was to fly with four other rescued Golden retrievers from China to the U.S., Freedom plopped down in her kennel and gave birth to 10 puppies.

It was a surprise to everyone but Freedom.

We brought the other four dogs to the U.S. and found them homes, but mom and her puppies had to stay behind—for a very long time. The United States Department of Agriculture bans air travel for dogs under 6 months old. Fortunately, the brood was in good hands with our rescue partner, Together for Animals in Beijing. But the cost of boarding 11 dogs for six months was a considerable, and unexpected expense for us.

Well, our wait is over and in a couple of weeks, we will bring the first three pups home. As you can see by the photos, dad clearly wasn’t a Golden retriever, but we love these puppies just the same. Although we’re a breed-specific rescue, there was never a question that we would welcome these pups to YGRR and find them loving homes.

For Giving Tuesday, we’re asking for your help so we can these 10 puppies home, along with their mom and the 35+ other dogs who are waiting behind in China for their turn to come to America.