Spyke #5180

Previously Featured Adoptions – April 2015

Spyke was 5 when his owners could no longer care for him due to an accident in the family. His family wanted Spyke to have a home where he could get all the attention and exercise he needed and was accustomed to, so Spyke was soon on his way to YGRR.

Spyke’s first stop was at our vet hospital where he had a complete physical exam. He was treated for a minor ear infection, and our vet also removed a benign cyst on his eyelid. Spyke was otherwise a happy, healthy boy. He quickly was on his way to Riverview so we could get to know him.

Spyke loved the activities the dogs enjoy while we get to know them at Riverview. He had a great time exploring the large, grass play yards. He also really enjoyed going for walks on the wooded trails with our volunteers. He loved getting attention from people, and his absolute favorite thing to do was to play with toys. He would pull them out of our overflowing toy box in the home simulation room, and he also loved to have people throw toys for him outside, as well. Spyke’s playful personality was a hit with everyone he met!

Once Spyke was recovered from his minor medical issues, it was time to find him the perfect new home. Spyke is now as happy as can be with his loving new family. He goes for 3 walks a day and is the center of attention. Spyke loves to play with his new toys, too! His adopters adore his spunky personality, and Spyke returns their love many times over. Spyke is a happy, happy boy as part of a loving family once again!

Spyke thanks you for your support. We are grateful that your donations allow us to take in dogs like Spyke when their families’ circumstances change. We get to know each dog so we can put them in the right home according to their own unique personality. You make this happen! Spyke and all the Rescue dogs send big wags and Golden kisses your way!