Safe and Happy Fourth of July

Time for the big and beautiful firework displays throughout our communities! This can be a stressful time for many dogs because those loud boomers can be frightening for our canine family members. There are many things we can do to help lessen the stress and help them through.

-Closing all windows and doors in your home before any fireworks show to lessen the noise and to keep your frightened dog from jumping through screens.

-Turning on the radio (not too loud, but not too soft) to an easy-going music station or turning on your TV to help drown out the loud sounds.

-Giving your dog a yummy, stuffed Kong with apples and peanut butter or kibble and cream cheese to help keep them occupied and distracted during the show.

-Making sure you know if your dog is afraid of loud noises (like thunder) and allowing your dog to have access to the room they are most comfortable in during these events (many dogs have one place they like to go during thunderstorms.)

-If your dog is outside during these shows, make sure to leash your dog! Even dogs that are usually great off-leash companions can easily get startled, frightened, and run away.

-Not setting off fireworks or firecrackers yourself because these are even louder because of the close proximity.

-Speaking with your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication to give prior to known firework shows can be beneficial for highly sensitive dogs that have a difficult time handling thunderstorms or other loud noises.

We hope everyone (two and four-legged) has a fun and safe holiday!