Rosebud #5044 and Muffin #5043

Rosebud and Muffin were surrendered to a shelter in Vermont because their family could no longer afford to care for them. The shelter was inundated with animals, many also turned in due to financial constraints. YGRR had worked with the shelter before, and they knew we would be able to take these 4-year-old littermates into our program quickly and that we would match them with the right home. A transportation volunteer made arrangements to pick the girls up, and they were soon on their way to their new life!


Both girls had their physical exams at one of our vet hospitals. They both needed their teeth cleaned and were treated for fecal parasites, but were otherwise healthy girls. They were quite petite – neither one was even 50 pounds! They were little fireballs in personality, however!


These adorable little redheads were soon settling in at Riverview. Since they had been with their family since they were puppies, they were understandably a bit unsure when they arrived. They soon overcame their initial timidity, however, and were very affectionate girls. They quickly adapted to the routine here at Riverview and we loved their lively personalities! They really enjoyed wrestling with each other in our large play yards. They could be a bit mischievous, and Rosie in particular would sometimes bark to make demands – “pat me, take me for a walk, give me a cookie”! These girls were so darned cute it was hard to not smile, but we would ignore such demanding behavior and wait for the girls to do what we asked of them before giving them what they wanted. These smart sisters quickly learned that they had to work for what they wanted, and they were generally well-behaved (though we would not dream of leaving food out unattended!). Their playfulness and enthusiasm always brought a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to be interacting with them.


We needed a home for Rosebud and Muffin able to give them the exercise and training they needed in order to be the well-behaved girls we knew they could be. Luckily for Rosie and Muffin, repeat adopters had specifically requested a pair of bonded Goldens, having recently lost both of their dogs to cancer within weeks of each other. Rosebud and Muffin are now showered with love and attention. They get exercised several times a day and their owners have both patience and a sense of humor! They say these sisters are full of energy and joy. They take turns chasing each other in the yard and love their toys! Rosie, still the more mischievous one, decided that Muffin’s dog bed would make a suitable toy, and she had everyone laughing when she dragged it out of Muffin’s crate and began playing with it in the living room like a giant stuffed animal! They walk well together on leash and even sit at the cookie jar to wait for their treat. Their adopters are so happy to have them and say the girls clearly love each other, and they love them, too!


Rosebud and Muffin thank you for your support. The shelter they came from was able to rely on YGRR to take these special girls, thus making room for other dogs without a rescue behind them. This is only possible because of your continued generosity. You all make it possible for dogs like Rosebud and Muffin to have a second chance at being part of a loving family. Thank you, and the Rescue dogs send wags and kisses your way!