Our Rescue Goldens dream of the day when they will be taken home by new owners to begin happy, new lives. To help them realize that dream, we have created a state-of-the-art rescue, adoption and education center. The center allows us to provide improved rescue, adoption and training services for the benefit of Goldens in our care and to provide a resource for public education for the benefit of dogs of many other breeds.
Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue (YGRR) is considered a leader and role model in the field of breed-specific rescue. As such, it was our goal to create a facility that would become an example of the very best environment for the care, training, and placement of second-hand dogs.

A centralized rescue, adoption and education center has been the cornerstone of YGRR since 1996. Our 21-acre property known as Riverview in Hudson, Massachusetts  was made possible through an extraordinary Capital Campaign.


The Alfred and Joy Viola Shelter and Adoption Center

This state of the art 4,800 square foot was designed to include all creature comforts for Goldens awaiting their forever homes. The facilities include:


-  General Kennels

Includes 19 private indoor and outdoor runs with heated floors. Each Golden is provided a bed, appropriate toys, and lots of TLC.

-  Medical Isolation Kennels

Includes 3 private indoor and outdoor runs with separate air circulation and heating/cooling systems. Proper quarantine procedures are implemented to keep our Goldens happy and healthy. Medically isolated dogs still get individual toys and extra TLC.

-  Senior & Special Needs Center

Includes 11 more spacious runs for our most special population of Goldens. The runs are a larger size than those in our general kennel. Senior and Special needs dogs have extra soft bedding and benefit from an increased number of windows for natural lighting. Individual toys and TLC are also provided.

-  Outdoor Play Yards

Seven play yards occupy multiple acres of the Riverview Estate and provide the Goldens with plenty of opportunity for fresh air, play, and exercise.

-  Grooming Room

Our grooming facilities include a special bathing tub for senior and special needs Goldens. Our dogs are bathed and groomed every two weeks to promote good health.

-  Home Simulation Room

We use this room mostly to get to know the dogs and give them individualized attention like they would at home. The room includes a large overflowing toy box and a comfortable couch for the dogs to lie on. Adopters meet their new family members in this room.


The Mardi Bemis Perry Education and Training Center

The education and training center is an 1,800 square foot facility that allows the dogs to exercise in inclement weather and also provides an area to work on training and behavior modification. The space is fully heated and air conditioned. It serves a dual purpose as an event space.


The Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Colburn House

The main house includes our Administrative offices, and our staff and volunteers' lounge. Our caretaker inhabits the top of the building. Private accommodations in the house for puppies, pregnant and nursing females, or other dogs who require special attention.


Beach Entry In-ground Swimming Pool

Opened in May and closed down in October it provides wonderful exercise for our young, healthy Goldens as well as our Rescues with orthopedic or weight problems.


This very special facility came about through the efforts of many kind and generous people. We are extremely fortunate to be able to provide a warm and nurturing environment for the many Goldens who enter our program. We thank you all for your gifts of time, talent and support.