Rescues from China

On November 12, 2015, YGRR welcomed our first 3 Goldens from Turkey.  Since then, over 100 international dogs have found loving new homes here in New England.  As all of our adopters can attest, these dogs embody everything that is so special about our breed.

We are excited to announce that YGRR is expanding our international rescue efforts to China.  Goldens are a popular breed in China and puppy mills are common.  Many Goldens are abandoned when their owners no longer want them.  These dogs end up as strays or in shelters, where adoption is rare.  Some cities ban ownership of large dogs, and when an owner is caught with a large dog like a Golden, the dog is taken away and brought to a shelter, where euthanasia is the most likely outcome.  Goldens are also commonly found in meat markets, where some vendors prize them for their docile temperament.  Their love for and trust in people is used against them.  Every dog we bring to the United States is a life that is saved.  Our first dogs from China have been pulled from danger and are currently receiving the vet care they need prior to making the journey to Riverview.  We will keep you posted as we anxiously await their arrival.

We are looking for volunteers who are flying from China to the east coast, preferably Boston or New York, who would be willing to escort dogs.  No dog handling skills are required, just a willingness to take a little extra time to bring the dogs’ paperwork through customs.  YGRR will pay for all the dogs’ expenses, but volunteers are responsible for their own ticket.  If your company regularly flies employees to China, please check if they would be willing to help.  Please email [email protected] for more information.

Each international dog we save has high transport costs associated with bringing them to the United States.  We must pay for each dog’s medical care, which includes testing for diseases, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and any other care the dog requires.  We pay to board the dogs while they are observed to make sure they show no signs of illness and while we make arrangements for their flight.  We pay for their paperwork that allows them to travel out of their country and into the United States.  We pay for their crates and their transport.  Our cost per dog has averaged $2000.  Please consider a donation to our international transport fund to help us save as many of these deserving dogs as we can.  You are literally helping to save a life.                                                   International Rescue

We are often asked why we have expanded our rescue efforts to dogs in countries such as Turkey and China.  Over the past decade, the number of purebred Golden Retrievers in the United States who are in need of rescue has dropped dramatically.  This is not just true in New England, but in every Golden Retriever Rescue across the country.  We will always be here for any Golden who needs us, in New England and anywhere else in this country.  We have also opened our doors to our “Golden-hearted” retriever mixes.  However, when we learned that Golden Retrievers were in danger, we couldn’t turn our backs on them because they were behind a line on a map.  We have room at our facility.  We have adopters who are willing to take them into their hearts and homes.  Most importantly, we have a great devotion to our beloved breed.  Look your own dog in the eyes and picture her in the horrible situation these dogs face.  They don’t deserve to die alone and unloved, and with your help they won’t have to.


Saving one dog will not change the world.  But for that one dog, the world will be forever changed.