Goldenwood Barnaby and His Amazing Adventures! book by Nicky Coyle


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Walk through The Magic Dog Flap and join Barnaby, The Duchess, CC For Short, The Reverend Dawg Collar and a host of other characters in the happy fun-filled land of Goldenwood.
Follow Barnaby and his friends as they enjoy a spectacular Ball at Barkingham Palace. Join him as he takes ‘The Hot Seat’ on Goldenwood’s very own quiz show “Million Dollar Dawgie”. Laugh at the madness as The Goldenwood Players perform their own version of Cinderella.
Visit “The Goldenwood Games” where you can follow the trials and tribulations of various dogs as they take part in events, including Dock Diving, Tennis and Ten Pin Bowling.
Will Bert win gold in The Shot Put Competition? Or will CC For Short beat arch rival Priscilla Petty-Claw in the tennis final? Go rowing on the River Gold with Barnaby’s cousin Cosmo and enjoy lunch at The Full Bowl Pub.
A storybook all ages can enjoy! 89 pp., suitable for beginning to intermediate readers, no illustrations.

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