Miloh #5152

Previously Featured Adoptions – January 2015

Miloh was 3 ½ years old when his family had to give him up. Miloh had a history of allergies that caused skin and ear infections. His family was finding it difficult to keep up with his needs. They wanted him to get all the attention and care he needed, even if it could not be in their home.

Miloh was brought directly to one of the vet hospitals we work with and given a complete examination. He then came to Riverview so we could get to know him. Miloh was a very active boy who loved to play. He loved to chase tennis balls or play with any type of toy, both inside and out. He was very strong, so teaching him to use a gentle leader was necessary so that both Miloh and the human walking him could enjoy their walk. He was a quick learner and eager to please. After Miloh was exercised, his favorite activity was just to hang out in the adoption room. He would first go and pull out all the toys from the toy box. Once that was done, Miloh would come over and lean into people for patting. He was a very loving boy. He knew some basic commands and proudly showed them off for either attention or treats.

Miloh was kept on a special diet. We had to treat him for skin and ear infections that cropped up during his stay. Miloh needed an adopter who would monitor him closely and stay on top of his allergies. Luckily, a wonderful repeat adopter was ready to welcome another Golden into her life after the loss of her senior boy, Killick, YGRR #4558. She came to meet Miloh, and he was soon happily riding in the car on his way to his new home!

Miloh now has a loving home where he is the center of attention. His adopter worked with him to build his confidence, as he was a little nervous being left at first. He is walking very well with the use of the gentle leader. Miloh loves to play ball outside (as long as it isn’t too icy) or to play with all his inside toys. His adopter works closely with Miloh’s veterinarian to keep him as happy and healthy as possible. Miloh had to learn how to climb the stairs, but he quickly mastered that skill so he can sleep in the bedroom with his adopter. Miloh’s adopter loves her new boy, and Miloh is a very happy Golden!

Miloh thanks you for your continued support. Thanks to you, YGRR is able to give dogs like Miloh, who have chronic medical conditions such as allergies, the care they need and to find them the right home where they will continue to receive the care that we have started. Each dog is treated like the individual he is and we always match each dog based on their unique needs. We are able to provide this level of care only only because of your generosity. Miloh and all the Rescue Goldens thank you and send big wags and kisses your way!