Maggie #5172

Previously Featured Adoptions – February 2015

Maggie was 12 ½ when her owner could no longer keep her. Despite his best efforts, he could not find a suitable place to move that would accept large pets and did not have stairs that Maggie would be unable to get up and down. He was very concerned about Maggie finding a good home at her age and decided that YGRR was the best option for her.

Maggie went directly to one of our vet hospitals for a head-to-tail senior exam. She had some growths removed which were benign. She also had a dentistry and had one tooth that had to be extracted. Maggie had some arthritis in her spine, as well. She came back to Riverview to recover from her procedures and it was quickly apparent that she was a sweet, gentle, laid back lady. Her owner had reported that she might be stiff when she tried to get up after laying in the same position too long. When Maggie first arrived, staff would have to give her a boost so she could get up to go outside. We placed her on joint supplements to help her get around more easily in the long-term and pain medication as needed to assist her, as well. In a short amount of time, Maggie was able to move around more easily and no longer required assistance.

Maggie had absolutely no interest in toys, but much preferred to get attention and spend time with people. She got excited about going for walks in the woods, as well. Maggie was very good with other dogs and had lived with one, but because she could be easily knocked over we determined that she would do best as an only dog.

Once Maggie was completely recovered and we knew what type of home she needed, it didn’t take long for her to find her forever home with loving repeat adopters. This wonderful family had provided outstanding care to their previous YGRR Golden. They were set up to give a senior dog like Maggie all the supportive care she would need in the future. They knew before they met her that she would be coming home with them. They even brought their dog ramp so Maggie could easily get into the backseat of the car. It was a perfect match and Maggie was thrilled to try out the ramp and sprawl across her new backseat!

Maggie settled into her new life immediately. Her adopters were amazed that Maggie behaved as if she had lived with them since puppyhood. They say she is a sweet, happy girl who is always showing off her beautiful Golden smile. Maggie’s adopters love and adore their special girl. They say that not only is Maggie always smiling, but thanks to the unconditional love she has brought back into their lives, so are they!

Maggie thanks you for your support. You make it possible for us to accept dogs into our program regardless of age. Seniors require more medical care upon their arrival. We are able to provide the treatments and procedures that will enable these most special dogs to feel their best. Your donations make this possible. Maggie and all the Rescue dogs thank you and send big wags and kisses your way!