Loki’s Story

Meet 10-year-old  Loki. On September 14, YGRR received an urgent call to pick up a senior dog. We sent the request out to our wonderful volunteer team, and we were able to respond quickly to this plea for help. What our volunteer found was heartbreaking. A sweet senior guy that had an open wound, was painfully thin, infested with fleas and unsteady on his feet.

We never judge the circumstances that led up to an owner surrender. YGRR finds that this is so important, because we never know what the dog’s owner has been through. Our mind is always on the dog, and how grateful we are that their owner made the call for us to intervene. We do everything in our power to attend to all the dog’s medical needs, and perform whatever testing is necessary to find out what is happening health-wise with dogs in our care.

When our volunteer Jane arrived at Riverview with Loki, our staff member Alyssa gave him a bath for his fleas. He was then taken to Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals to be evaluated. Loki had a fever of 105, and it was determined that he should stay there for further testing. Loki was released into our care after his fever broke and some tests were done.

Medical costs for Loki are expected to exceed $5000. What has been determined so far is that he is deaf, and he has severe arthritis and mouth ulcers. It was not possible for him to have all the tests that Tufts wanted to perform due to his weakened condition. We are still not sure of the extent of his health issues. He needs a very regimented diet to help him gain weight, and small walks, 5 minutes at a time, to increase his muscle strength. He will return for further evaluation as soon as he can handle it.

We can tell you this – whatever Loki needs, we are there for him. He is getting extra special hugs, kisses and attention from staff and volunteers. We will keep you updated on Loki’s progress. We ask for our help in donating to his medical costs, every little bit helps!

If you would like to contribute to Loki’s fund, follow the link:    Loki’s Fund



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