Information about Willow

YGRR’s philosophy has always been to treat each dog in our care as our own.  As a breed-specific, limited-intake shelter, Yankee would never euthanize a dog for length of stay or lack of space. Furthermore, Yankee spares no expense when it comes to veterinary care, medical specialists, and behavior programs.

Willow’s medical conditions were severe, progressive, and extremely painful.  After experiencing a major traumatic injury at some point in his life, his numerous and incorrectly healed injuries continued to cause him persistent pain. He was not a candidate for FHO surgery due to the extent of the damage to his joint and femur, the dysplasia in his other hip, and the low likelihood of a successful, pain-free outcome. Willow was also at extremely high risk of aspiration pneumonia and respiratory crisis due to his idiopathic laryngeal paralysis, for which surgical correction was also high risk. Short of sedating him at all times, Willow’s chronic pain would continue despite surgical interventions.

YGRR made the difficult but necessary decision to humanely euthanize Willow after extensive consultation with both our medical team and an objective outside veterinarian.  He felt no fear or pain, and was surrounded by people who loved him.