The Sponsor a Kennel Program

In 2006 we introduced the Sponsor A Kennel program and we are happy to report that many of you have joined and are now getting the chance to meet and learn about other Goldens in need just like Bailey. We continue to accept new sponsorships and hope you will consider joining this unique program. Here are the pertinent details!

Annual Cost: $100.00

What you’ll receive:
– A picture and history of the current resident of your kennel

– Update on your kennel every three months. If you have a new resident you’ll receive a new picture and history. We’ll also update you on what happened to the prior resident.
– Information on and picture of activities at Riverview

How to join:
– Choose the kennel run that you would like to sponsor
Senior/Special Needs Center Kennel Run #8
Senior/Special Needs Center Kennel Run #10
Primary Kennel Run #3
– Complete and return the enrollment form below. We look forward to hearing
from you!