Callie, now Emmie, adoption update

Callie (now Emmie) Update!

“It has been 7 weeks since I brought Emmie Mae, (formerly Callie), YGRR #5510 home and I am amazed at how well she has transitioned to our home. She is a delight and has filled the past few weeks with smiles, laughter, joy, and happiness! Everyday, she grows more confident in her new environment and no longer follows me every time I leave the room. She is a snuggler and would cuddle all day if possible. Emmie enjoys going for long walks and playing fetch, and LOVES playing with all her toys. She especially loves ‘killing’ lambchop by removing all his squeakers and stuffing!

We’ve been working with a trainer during private sessions and she has learned so much in a short time….it helps that she is very food motivated and enjoys being rewarded for a job well done! We have had no issues with resource guarding food and we continue to work on walking on a leash without pulling and coming when called. Emmie doesn’t mind doing her homework and practicing what she’s learned since it means she gets lots of little treats and hearing what a good girl she is! Her trainer says that Emmie is very smart and that she is doing extremely well. I am so proud of my girl!

Emmie has made many doggy friends in the neighborhood and loves seeing them when we’re out walking. By far, her favorite is another Golden Retriever named Gracie, who could be Emmie’s twin. When the two of them get together, they chase, play, and tackle each other for as long as we let them! She gets so excited whenever we approach Gracie’s house and goes right up to the door and barks to let her know that she’s there.

Emmie sends all her love to everyone at Riverview and sincerely thanks you all for taking such good care of her during her time there.”