Berklee #5096

Previously Featured Adoptions – January 2015

Berklee was one year old when her family had to give her up. Berklee lived with owners who adored her, but she had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips. Her family included a special needs child, and meeting everyone’s needs was not financially possible. Wanting Berklee to have a pain free and happy life, her owners made the decision to surrender her to YGRR.

Berklee was given a complete physical exam. She was very healthy except for her hips. She was given pain medications and we scheduled her for a consult with an orthopedic specialist. Berklee was scheduled for surgery on her most painful side first. She had settled into the routine at Riverview very quickly, so she was very relaxed and happy while she recovered from her procedure. She was an absolutely adorable little girl, and it was very gratifying to see her gradually gain strength as she went through her rehab. Berklee loved all the attention that was lavished upon her. The length of her walks was gradually increased, which Berklee loved, and eventually she was able to spend some time in the play yards, as well.

Berklee loved all people and other dogs. She also loved her toys. She would pick up a toy to carry with her outside. On her way back in, she would take another toy. She loved to talk while she showed them off and have her admirers tell her how that was the best toy they had ever seen! Berklee was a very special girl!

Berklee went for her final checkup for the first hip and everything had progressed very well. She was ready to be adopted into a loving new home, and we already had the perfect one in mind. Her new family loves to enjoy outdoor activities which we knew would be perfect for fun-loving Berklee. Berklee has settled into her new life beautifully. She has lots of friends, and also lots of toys! In the springtime, Berklee will return to Riverview so she can have her second hip operated on. She will spend a short time here recuperating and making sure she is using her hip properly, all in a familiar environment with people she knows. She will then go back home for good with her loving adoptive family. Her adopters say that she is a love bug, and they feel very lucky to have their special girl!

Berklee thanks you for your support! Berklee is a typical sweet, affectionate Golden who unfortunately got the best of the Golden temperament along with the hereditary health problems, as well. Thanks to your donations, we were able to take Berklee into our program and see to it that she can be the silly, carefree adolescent that she was meant to be. You make a tremendous difference in the lives of dogs like Berklee. Berklee and all the Rescue Goldens thank you and send big wags and kisses your way!