Adoption update: Ryder, YGRR #5819

Hi folks at YGRR,

We adopted Ryder a year ago, 3/1/2020, and he has been such a wonderful part of our family ever since. He was so nervous we first met him in the family situation room that we were worried that the adjustment would be a struggle, but it really wasn’t. After a few days, it was like he had always been here.  We went through the typical Golden issues when we got him – some “running”, escaping under our fence, chewing shoes, socks, stuffed animals, etc. but most of that has resolved. He is happy and well adjusted, spending most days at my feet under my desk.   He loves running in the woods, swimming in the lake, and belly rubs.


When Ryder came to us he had some heart issues and separation anxiety. Little did we know on March 1st that the world was going to lock down and Ryder would get  plenty of family time!  I don’t think he was left alone for months and by that time he was very comfortable here in our home.  We are also happy to report that at his 6 month echocardiogram his cardiologist saw some improvement in his heart condition.


He loves playing with other dogs and often springs up in the air like a jack in the box when he sees one coming.  We have been debating getting another dog as we believe he would love a companion, but struggle with how things will change with a second dog.


Thanks again for all you do!

My best,

Moira M.


Ryder #5819, came to us as a 2 year-old owner surrender because of medical costs.