Adoption update: Baron

“Baron has been enjoying the laid-back life here. He loves his bed or the carpet in the bedroom at night. He’s such a simple dog, he loves food just like his brother Luke. When we wake up in the morning he’s dancing for breakfast and in the evening he’s dancing for dinner. Baron is a very laid-back dog and is perfectly fine staying inside the whole day except the couple times he needs to take care of business. The snowstorm we had in December he had no interest in going outside. I had to snow-blow a path for him to go out. We had a little “Gotcha day” party today with his brother Luke and a couple of other dogs. He loved his cake, but due to his teeth being ground down from his past life he had a tough time eating it. That doesn’t stop him from eating though, just takes a little longer. Baron’s toy is a tennis ball, he has no interest in any other toys. He will chew on a tennis ball for a long time, has no interest in retrieving one though!”

Baron came to YGRR at the age of 6 from China.