Thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to a YGRR dog!

When YGRR was founded 37 years ago, there were many purebred Golden Retrievers in New England who needed homes. Since 1985, we have helped thousands of Goldens! In the past few years, the number of purebred Golden Retrievers in rescues has declined by almost 70%. Because of this, YGRR has begun taking in a variety dogs, including Labrador Retrievers and other mixed breeds. While we still take in and rehome Golden Retrievers, the likelihood of being matched with one is significantly lower than it has been in the past.

Our dogs are placed into the best homes for them based upon their individual needs and personalities. While the time it takes to be matched with a dog varies, with some applicants being matched very quickly and others experiencing a more lengthy wait, it all depends on your personal circumstances and flexibility. Homes with children, other dogs, cats, or very specific requirements will generally experience the longest waiting times to find a compatible YGRR dog. Similarly, if you are only interested in adopting a purebred Golden Retriever, your wait time may be quite long.

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Adopter Eligibility Requirements
In the interests of making the best adoption matches possible, an interested Applicant should meet the following criteria (please read in full):

      • Demonstrate an ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise and training for the lifetime of a large dog.
      • Be over 18 years of age.
      • Provide a fenced-in area large enough to safely exercise the dog. Fencing must be physical (not electronic or invisible) and at least four feet high.
        • Applicants who do not meet the fence requirement  may request a fencing exemption, and appropriate dogs may be placed in homes with no fence.
        • Please note: YGRR does not consider electric, invisible, or underground fencing to be a physical fence, and the majority of our dogs are not good candidates for underground containment systems. Please note that if you intend to use electric fencing with a dog you adopt from us we will not proceed with your application.
      • Commit to keeping the YGRR dog inside only  when nobody is home (homes with dog doors are ineligible).
      • If the YGRR dog will have access to a swimming pool, the pool must have stairs to exit the pool and an ‘elephant proof’ cover which fits snugly to the pool edge.
      • The home must not provide daycare (human or canine) or be a residential facility (nursing home, assisted living facilities, etc).

    Overview of the YGRR Adoption Process:

    1. Applicant completes Application. Applicant must reapply if they have not adopted within one year of approval.
    2. YGRR processes application and, if eligibility requirements are met, schedules a Home Visit.
    3. After the Home Visit, Applicant receives notice of Home Visit review and approval status.
    4. YGRR adds Approved Applicant to email list to receive an update when new dogs become available.
    5. Approved Applicant contacts YGRR to express interest in dogs which meet their criteria.
    6. YGRR reviews inquiries to make best matches and schedules introductions if appropriate.
    7. Great dogs get adopted into great homes and live happily ever after!

    Adoption fees range from $600-$2000.

    *We rarely have young GOLDEN puppies available; for information on finding a reputable GOLDEN breeder, click here.

    We cannot accommodate drop-in visitors to our facility. Prospective adopters visit YGRR by appointment AFTER their adoption application has been approved.