To our future adopters~

After re-opening applications on January 1st, we received an overwhelming volume of applications. We, like many animal welfare organizations in New England, are also experiencing unprecedented low numbers of homeless dogs. As a small organization who relies heavily on volunteers, we chose to temporarily close applications in order to catch up on our application processing. We hoped to re-open on March 1st, but in fairness to you and to our current applicants, at this time we are not accepting new applications. We regret this postponement and ask that you check this page regularly for an update as to when we will resume accepting applications.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue Adoption Committee



Overview of the YGRR Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to a YGRR dog!

Adopter Eligibility Requirements

In the interests of making the best adoption matches possible, an interested Applicant should meet the following criteria (please read in-full):

      • Demonstrate an ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise and training for the lifetime of a large dog.
      • Be over 21 years of age.
      • Reside in one of the six New England states.
      • If there are children in the home they must be 6 years of age and over.
        *Please read Children Details*
      • Provide a physical (not electronic) fenced-in area large enough to safely exercise the dog.
        *Please read Physical Fencing Details*
      • Appropriate Goldens may be placed in un-fenced homes.
        *Please read Fence Exemption Details*
      • Commit to keeping the YGRR dog inside only (dog doors must be secured to prevent access to outdoors) when nobody is home.
      • If the YGRR dog will have access to a swimming pool, the pool must have stairs to exit the pool and an ‘elephant proof’ cover which fits snugly to the pool edge.

      Due to our emphasis on safety, we take great care in matching only dogs who have a known history with young children in homes where they will have interactions with children under 10 years of age. Because of the high demand for these dogs and the low number of appropriate dogs we receive, we do not place dogs into families with children under 6 years of age. Additionally, families with children under the age of 10 will have a considerably longer waiting time.

      To satisfy YGRR’s fencing requirement the physical fence must be permanently installed and a minimum of 4′ high (5′ preferred), have a lockable gate, and ideally be directly accessible from the home. The fenced in area should be large enough to safely exercise a dog.

      We recognize that there may be exceptional applicants without physical fencing. An experienced dog owner may petition for an exception to this policy. You must include a detailed summary of how you have kept past dogs and describe in detail your plans to exercise a dog. We will do a more extensive vet check while processing your application. First-time dog owners are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please understand before you apply that exemption requests to this safety requirement are carefully reviewed and your application may be denied at any point in the process. This is not a reflection on your ability to care for a dog, but is based upon our knowledge of the dogs who come into our program and over 30 years experience making successful matches.

      Ineligible Conditions

      YGRR will not place a rescue dog into a:

      • Home with children under the age of 6
      • Home with electronic fencing or invisible fencing
      • Home that provides daycare, human or canine; or
      • Residential facility (nursing home, halfway house, etc.).

      We appreciate that there are many wonderful homes that may not meet the criteria above and applaud their interest in a rescue dog.  Due to the characteristics of the dogs that come into our program, and the number of Approved Applicants currently waiting for a YGRR dog, we wish to be clear about adhering to these criteria as we do not want to unnecessarily delay or frustrate applicants who would be waiting a very long time and might never find a match given their circumstances.

      Repeat adopters will be considered for exceptions on a case by case basis.

      Adoption Process:

      1. Applicant completes Application and $50 processing fee* below
        (PLEASE NOTE:  Processing fee is non-refundable for failure to meet criteria above.)
      2. YGRR contacts Applicant to advise as to eligibility and, if accepted, schedule a Home Visit
      3. Applicant receives notice of Home Visit review and approval status
      4. YGRR sends Approved Applicant an invitation to private “YGRR Adoptable Dog Webpage” for review of available dogs who have completed health and behavioral assessments
      5. Approved Applicant contacts YGRR to express interest in dogs which meet their criteria
      6. YGRR reviews inquiries to make best matches and schedules introductions if appropriate
      7. Great dogs get adopted into great homes and live happily ever after!

      *There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee to help cover our expenses. These fees help us meet the boarding and veterinary expenses incurred by our nonprofit organization, as our average expense per YGRR dog is greater than the adoption fee.

      Due to the fact that so many wonderful families want to rescue a dog, the waiting time to adopt a YGRR dog may be two years depending on your personal circumstances and flexibility. Homes with children, other dogs, and/or cats will generally experience the longest waiting times to find a compatible YGRR dog. Our dogs are placed into the best homes for them based upon their individual needs and personalities. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your generous wish to open your heart and home to a YGRR dog.


      Adoption Fees:

      • $900 for dogs over 8 weeks* but under 2 years of age
      • $700 for dogs over 2 but under 5 years of age
      • $600 for dogs over 5 but under 8 years of age
      • $400 for dogs over 8 years of age
      • Bonded pairs of dogs receive a $50 per dog reduced adoption fee

      IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Due to the high transport costs associated with our International rescue initiative, effective immediately there will be a $400.00 Transport Fee added to the normal Adoption Fee for an International Golden. This fee represents a small fraction of the expense YGRR incurs, but will hopefully help us to continue this program which has made so many dogs and adopters so very happy.

      *We rarely have young puppies available; for information on finding a reputable breeder, click here.

      We cannot accommodate drop-in visitors to our facility. Prospective adopters visit YGRR by appointment AFTER their adoption application has been approved.