Abygail #5105

Abygail was 8 when her chronic allergies, which caused constant skin and ear infections, became too much for her family to afford. They wanted Abygail to get the best medical treatment so she would be comfortable and healthy, even if that meant letting her go to a new home.  She was described as a phenomenal dog and had been with her family since she was a puppy.


Abygail came to YGRR and first went to one of the vet hospitals we work with. Abygail was treated for her current infections and then brought back to Riverview.  Abby quickly wormed her way into the hearts of staff and volunteers with her sweet personality.  We discovered that Abygail was a bit of a diva – she simply knew she was wonderful and demanded the attention and admiration she knew were her due!  She could communicate her wishes with a look, and she strutted along with head and tail held high.  Abby was very good for all her treatments, but unfortunately her allergies were still making her uncomfortable, so we took her to a specialist.  He determined that the best option to give Abygail relief was to surgically remove both her ear canals.  This surgery offers a permanent solution to chronic ear infections for dogs who have had recurrent problems that become resistant to medication.  Abygail’s ears were also scarred and thickened from years of constant battles with infections, making it difficult for any medications to even get into the ear canals and do their work.  Abygail was an excellent patient, even when she had to have compresses applied and her incisions cleaned.  We also did allergy testing and started a desensitization program with medication specifically formulated for the allergens Abby was sensitive to.  We put her on a diet of fish and potato dog food, as well.  She still required medication to alleviate her itchiness and we had to monitor her for any new hot spots requiring attention.  Abygail was feeling good, though, and we knew it was time to find her a home committed to keeping on top of her special needs.


Luckily for Abygail, a wonderful repeat adopter and volunteer was ready to adopt another senior after losing her beloved Nana to cancer. She had experience dealing with many of the health issues that can afflict our breed, including allergies.  She thought Abygail sounded perfect and quickly arranged to come meet this special and lively girl.  Of course, once they met it was apparent that Abygail had found her new home!  Abygail is now the center of attention, as every diva should be.  She is getting the best care, and she is a very good girl and a wonderful addition to her new family.  There is no doubt that our girl is in good hands, and both Abygail and her adopter are happy to have their family complete once again!


Abygail thanks you for your support. We are seeing more Goldens than ever surrendered because their owners can’t afford to treat their expensive medical issues.  Abygail’s owners had kept up with her needs as long as they could and did their best for her.  With your support, we are able to provide adopters of “special needs” Goldens with financial assistance for these specific health concerns.  This allows us to place dogs like Abygail in the home that is the right match for them as quickly as possible.  Thanks to you, YGRR was here to take in Abygail and make sure she gets the proper care for the rest of her life.  Abygail and all the Rescue dogs send big wags and kisses your way!