Abbey #5157

Previously Featured Adoptions – May 2015

Abbey was 12 years old when her family had to move. They had owned Abbey since she was a puppy, but they could not take Abbey with them. They were extremely worried about her because of her age and also due to the fact that Abbey was blind. After discussing their situation with YGRR, they knew that Abbey would receive the best of care and would find the type of home her family wanted for her.

Abbey was dropped off at one of the vet hospitals we work with and was given a complete senior dog exam. She was a healthy senior girl. We then scheduled Abbey to meet with an ophthalmology specialist. She determined that Abbey’s blindness was likely the result of a hereditary, progressive eye disease. Abbey had cataracts and glaucoma in both eyes. Since she was irreversibly blind, we scheduled her for surgery to remove both eyes. This would eliminate any discomfort as the disease progressed. Abbey came through the surgery like a trooper. She got lots of TLC both at the vet hospital and when she arrived at Riverview. In fact, it didn’t take long for Abbey’s indomitable personality to make her a favorite with everyone she met!

Abbey was a wonderful girl whose blindness in no way affected her joy for life. She loved to play with toys in the home simulation room. She would carefully root through the toy box to take out her favorites. She also really enjoyed going for walks. It was too easy to forget that Abbey was blind because she was a bit overconfident in her abilities and would fearlessly charge ahead on her walks. Her walker had to be constantly vigilant to remind her when there was an obstacle in her path. Abbey was a fun-loving, sweet, and spirited girl who needed a very special new home.

Repeat adopters who had previously given a home to two special needs seniors, wanted to give another special dog a loving forever home. They were excited to meet Abbey, who came into the room and showed off all her favorite toys. Abbey was soon eagerly getting into the car for her ride to her new home! She now has her very own toy box filled with toys. Abbey’s adopters put baby safety bumpers on the furniture so Abbey would be safe as she got used to her new home, and they created a special ramp with fenced sides so she could get down the deck stairs to her safely fenced yard. Abbey is very attached to her new family and follows them from room to room. In addition to playing with her toys and exploring the yard, Abbey loves to go for long walks every day, as well – in fact she is quite vocal in letting her adopters know if they are not moving fast enough to get out the door! Abbey knows when they are back home and turns by herself into her very own driveway. Abbey has stolen her new family’s hearts, and they could not be happier with their marvelous girl!

Abbey thanks you for your continued support. In addition to the comprehensive senior workups we do on all dogs over the age of 8, Abbey required specialized care and surgery to make sure she had the highest quality of life possible. We are able to give each dog the care that is in their best interest regardless of age. This is possible because of your generosity. Abbey and all the Rescue dogs thank you and send big wags and kisses your way!