When YGRR was founded 36 years ago, there were many purebred Golden Retrievers in New England who needed homes. Since 1985, we have helped thousands of Goldens! In the past few years, the number of purebred Golden Retrievers in rescues has declined by almost 70%. Because of this, YGRR has begun taking in a variety dogs, including Labrador Retrievers and other mixed breeds. While we still take in and rehome Golden Retrievers, the likelihood of being matched with one is significantly lower than it has been in the past.

Our dogs are placed into the best homes for them based upon their individual needs and personalities. While the time it takes to be matched with a dog varies, with some applicants being matched very quickly and others experiencing a more lengthy wait, it all depends on your personal circumstances and flexibility. Homes with children, other dogs, cats, or very specific requirements will generally experience the longest waiting times to find a compatible YGRR dog. Similarly, if you are only interested in adopting a purebred Golden Retriever, your wait time may be quite long.


Please note: YGRR dogs are available only to approved adopters. We respectfully ask that you not inquire about a dog unless you have received confirmation of your approval status, as your inquiry will not be processed. Dogs cannot be put on hold for an unapproved applicant. If you would like to apply, please visit our Adopt a Golden Page for more adoption information and eligibility requirements, along with our online application.

If a dog interests you, we would be happy to discuss in greater detail that dog’s likelihood of being a match for your goals and lifestyle. To inquire, please email our Adoption Department at [email protected]. The Adoption Department reviews each adopter’s application and home visit, and will contact applicants for further discussion and a potential introduction based upon (most importantly) strength of match and the length of time the applicant has been waiting.

When the dog is adopted, we will update their profile to reflect that. If a meet with a potential adopter is scheduled, we will update their profile to say “meet pending” and will continue to accept inquiries during that time.

We look forward to helping you find a great match, and helping these lovely dogs find their new family!

4 years old, neutered male, 55 pounds

Sunny is a special golden who is looking for a very special home! He spent his first few years at a breeder, which unfortunately did not provide excellent care for their animals. Thus, Sunny spent most of him time outdoors with other dogs and did not receive appropriate socialization from humans. As a result, he is very shy and has some generalized anxiety. It may take him a long time to fully bond with and trust his new family, and until that happens he may be a flight risk. Despite all that, he is warming up to us here at YGRR, and we can see his sweet, gentle personality!

He really enjoys being outside, especially running laps in his yard! Sunny does enjoy being with people he’s bonded to, and loves being with other dogs. A canine companion and mentor would be great to show him the ropes and help him learn that life isn’t so scary. He walks well on leash in his yard, but it still working on his bravery to take “normal” walks.

Fence: Required
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown, but may be okay
Kids: Unknown, but older would likely be best

Lucky: Meet Pending!
11 years old, neutered male, 70 pounds

Meet Lucky! This handsome guy is polite, well-behaved, and generally pretty easy going. He likes to stay at home taking naps and enjoying his yard, maybe playing with some toys and going on a stroll. Lucky can be a shy guy, so a home without too much going on would be best! He also shows some anxiety at the vet, which we have managed by being very slow and gentle. Lucky seems to like other dogs, but he is very forward and may be a little too annoying (we say that very lovingly) to live with one.

Since he is an older dog, his next home must be comfortable with seniors and the medical care they require. Lucky does have a few age-related health issues that will require ongoing management.

Dogs: Not recommended
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Older, respectful kids
Fence: Recommended

5 year old golden retriever mix. around 70 pounds

Meet Mani! This handsome blonde has a unique look and quickly won over our staff. This big boy is affectionate, fun, and energetic. He enjoys the good things in life: running around, playing with toys, nice long walks, and learning new skills! Not to mention… he’s cute as all get-out. He is a favorite around here with staff and volunteers.

Mani is from Russia, and though he’s an adult he acts a lot younger than he is. He can sometimes be mistaken for a really big wiggly puppy, complete with total toy destruction! He likely missed out on some important socialization when he actually was a puppy and, though he likes people, he can be very fearful of strangers and will need careful and consistent socialization. Crate training will also be very important for him. We think he will outgrow many of these behaviors in a loving, structured environment.

Dogs: Not recommended
Cats: Not recommended
Kids: 10+
Fence: Recommended, but requires supervision

2 year old, Labrador x Aussie mix, 45 pounds

Beauty and brains in a pint-sized package! Leon traveled all the way from Russia and has made us laugh every day since being here. He’s energetic, playful, and packs a big voice in a little body. Leon would love to sniff the flowers or go on a run with you but his talents don’t end there! He likes to swim, sing, learn new tricks, and we think he would be excellent at agility and obedience courses.

Leon wants to be friends with everyone he meets, both canine and human, but can take some time to fully trust new people. We don’t know what his life looked like in Russia, but we do know that he picked up the habit of jumping fences (including a 5 foot one at Yankee- impressive!) and being vigilant of his surroundings. This means if there’s a person, dog, or squirrel in your yard, you’re going to hear about it! For these reasons, we think Leon would thrive in a rural location with either no fence or a commitment to keeping him on leash even in the fenced in yard. He’s worked hard on his doggy and house manners, and he’s so excited to keep learning with you!

Fence: Not recommended
Kids: Older teens okay
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Maybe in an experienced home

2 year old Labrador retriever mix, about 60 pounds

Raphael is a cute speckled dog with a sweet smiling face. He is very playful, smart, and has a mind of his own. He loves his toys so much and will do anything for one of his favorites! He gets extremely silly during his playtimes, and we really enjoy watching him carrying his plush toys, throwing them around, and proudly showing them off. He also has a lot of fun spending time outside, going on his walkies and having new experiences.

Having lived most of his life in Russia, a lot of Raphael’s experiences here seem to be new! Fortunately, he’s a very quick study and thrives in a structured environment. He would be amazing in training classes and his high energy will make him an excellent adventure buddy! We think Raphael would do best as an only-dog in an adult home.

Dogs: Not recommended
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Not recommended
Fence: Recommended

Neutered Male Labrador Retriever Mix. 2 years old, 65 pounds

Sampson! This handsome, charismatic pup cannot wait to meet you. Sampson is a very young adult and still shows some “puppy” behaviors, but he is a truly loving dog with a gentle spirit! He will absolutely melt when you start petting him, and he has the nicest thick plushy fur. He is doing very well here at YGRR and will continue to thrive in his new home!

A funny trait of Sampson’s is that he licks everything! When he’s feeling nervous he will cover you in kisses, and when he’s unsure we’ve found that he always looks to us for reassurance and direction (a wonderful quality in a dog!). A perfect companion for him would be calm, confident, and loving, with some prior dog experience. Once he bonds with you, Sampson will be your devoted friend for life. He walks well on leash with his easy-walk harness, and is very responsive to his handler. He likes playing with toys, and we’re pretty sure he’ll enjoy anything he can do with you!

Dogs: Sampson was very friendly with the dog he met here, although might be a little too forward for a dog who likes their space!
Cats: No cats
Kids: Sampson would do well with older kids
Fence: Highly recommended!

Neutered Male Golden Retriever Mix. 5 years old, 50 pounds

Don’t you love this face? We definitely do. Meet Toby! The big joy of Toby’s life is spending time outside—don’t worry though, he is NOT exercising. Toby is a low-energy guy and lives his life at an easygoing pace. What Toby is actually doing outside tends to fall into a few broad categories: looking at things, sniffing the air, pondering his life, digging holes, and sleeping. Here at YGRR, we let Toby stay outside as much as he wants (within reason, of course). Sometimes he will even bring his blanket outside for a more luxurious experience. Growing up in Turkey and spending most of his time on the streets, Toby is very comfortable outdoors and is still learning to be an inside-dog. He’s convinced that basically everything is a toy, and if it isn’t, well… he’ll still play with it!

Toby was most likely struck by a vehicle at some point in his life, which caused injuries to his head and hip. He is missing some teeth, but eats canned or softened food with no problems and still loves to chew on bully sticks or bones! The injury to his hip has healed, but may at some point require surgery to ensure his comfort in the future.

An ideal home for Toby would be one with a big fenced-in yard and a laid-back family. While he’s used to living in a city, a quieter neighborhood would be best. He is often “on alert” and will let you know if anyone stops by! He’s very friendly and easy to get along with, especially if people are politely introduced to him.

Dogs: UPDATE: after spending time with him, we think Toby would do best in a home with no other dogs
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 10+
Fence: Required

Labrador Retriever Mix. Spayed female, 2 years old, 66 pounds

Beautiful Delilah! She is every bit as lovely as the spring flowers… we love this girl so much! Delilah’s early life is a bit of a mystery. We think she’s playing a little bit of catch-up with her social skills, and is working on being a polite young lady. Once you get past her initial excitement, Delilah is kind, playful, affectionate, and very social. She enjoys playing with toys and is happy to play whatever game she thinks you’d like.

Delilah is smart as a whip and will absolutely thrive with a family who will not only help her learn skills, but will give her a job to do. She already knows some cues: sit, come, and shake! She’s working on walking nicely on leash (and doing amazing, we might add), and we think there’s no limit to what you could teach Delilah to do. She’d be an amazing dog for anyone interested in canine behavior, training, or athletics. Once she’s bonded with you, we think she would love going on adventures: hiking, running, meeting new people, maybe even camping! Delilah will be an incredibly loving, loyal, and devoted companion for a lucky person.

Kids: Older kids would be best
Dogs: No, but could have a visiting friend after a careful introduction
Cats: No cats
Fence: Highly recommended

To help her find her new home, Delilah’s adoption fee has been reduced to $400

Aro – Adopted!
2 year old neutered male Eurasier

Aro is an international rescue from Russia! We don’t know much about his previous life, but we can make some educated guesses. Aro most likely spent a lot of time on his own or with other dogs! He is polite with other dogs and may do well with one, but would be very happy to be your best and only canine companion. He has a spitz-type personality and comes off as pretty independent, but he loves being with his people and is happy to play, nap, and hang out in the room with you. He is sleeping under the adoption coordinator’s desk as she writes this!

Aro is a very silly guy who is always making us laugh. He loves to play with toys and will throw them around, do zoomies while holding them, and lay down to relax on a pile of them. Sometimes he will even bring his current favorite toy over and munch it while we scratch his butt! It’s very cute. Aro is affectionate and enjoys being petted and cuddled. He also is very smart and always thinking, although he doesn’t appear to be very interested in any kind of training. He can be sensitive for some handling (it’s likely that at some point in his life he was handled roughly) and it will be important that his new family and veterinarian are very respectful and understanding.

Kids: He would be fine with older, respectful kids.
Fence: Highly recommended
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Pending intro

Toby: Adopted!
1 1/2 year old Labrador Retriever mix, 60 pounds

Meet Toby (currently referred to at Yankee as “Toby 2”)! Toby is a social, funny guy who is happy to do pretty much whatever you’d like. Hiking, swimming, playing outside, going on adventures all sound good to him! Toby is a high energy pup who will appreciate an active family and plenty of exercise. He’s super smart, and would be a great candidate for canine sports or other further training. He’s very friendly and a super happy boy! He loves fetch and playing with toys (especially plushies) and is very happy to meet new people. Toby is affectionate and a lot of fun to be around. He LOVES swimming and has been working on “dock diving” in our pool!

Toby did live with a dog in his previous home, but could be pushy with them. He would be perfectly happy being your only dog, and is pretty polite when meeting other pups on a walk. He’s still working on some of his manners, such as jumping up (it’s hard to be short!), but we think Toby would be happy to be a sidekick for all your adventures!

Fence: Highly recommended
Kids: Older kids or teens
Cats: Unknown, but would probably chase a cat
Dogs: Pending intro

Molly – ADOPTED!
Approximately 5 years old, Golden/Labrador retriever mix. About 70 pounds

Meet Molly! Doesn’t she have a sweet face? Molly is a friendly, good natured girl who recently arrived in the US from Turkey. It seems like she had a tough life over there, but she’s gotten plenty of TLC here at Yankee (including gaining 20 pounds!) and now she’s feeling good! Molly is affectionate, even-tempered and pretty easy-going. She seems to like toys, although she isn’t completely sure yet how to play with them. She enjoys her walks but definitely is not an athlete…a nice easy stroll, with plenty of time for sniffing, is more her speed!

Molly really wants nothing more than to spend her days enjoying your company, taking long naps, and enjoying her life. She can be shy when meeting new people, so you may have to take it slow at first and take a break if she’s overwhelmed. Her ideal home is quiet and without too much going on. Once she warms up to you, all she wants is love! She enjoys meeting polite dogs, but has no interest in hyperactive ones.

Fence: Not required
Kids: Polite kids 10+
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Calm, polite dogs okay

Spayed female golden retriever, 80 pounds, about 5 years old

Before you say anything: we know Mini is not mini. It’s not her fault—in Turkey, sometimes you have to eat whatever you can get! Mini is a friendly and social girl who truly enjoys being near her people. She loves to be petted and is very happy to spend time with you, indoors or out. She also LOVES riding in the car! Sometimes we drive her around the parking lot, just so she feels like she’s going somewhere. Mini would be a great roadtrip companion!

This cutie has been on a diet since she arrived, and we’re happy to say that she’s losing weight and has a lot more energy! It will be very important that her new family commits to helping her reach a healthy weight so that she can run, play, and do all the things that dogs like to do! We have been letting her swim and exercise in our pool, and it would be wonderful if her future family was able to continue this (water is good for her joints). Mini would do best in an adult-only home as your only pet.

Kids: No kids
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Not recommended
Fence: Not required

McGarrett: ADOPTED!
6 years old, 80 pound neutered male golden retriever

McGarrett is a pretty easy guy! This butterball is friendly, social, and loves meeting people. He has been through training and, according to his previous owner, knows lots of skills and is good off-leash. He’s very used to be being around other dogs and would most likely be fine living with one, although he’d also be happy being your only dog. He enjoys playing with toys, especially fetch with a tennis ball! He’s very good natured and is well behaved for the vet and groomer.

McGarrett does like a lot of consistency in his environment, and prefers not to share some of his very special items (such as delicious treats or food). He also prefers to be handled respectfully, so a home with adults or teenagers will be ideal. He would love a home where he was able to spend time in the great outdoors!

Kids: Adults or older teenagers only
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Fence: Recommended

1 1/2 year old neutered male Labrador Retriever mix, 57 pounds

Tyson is a young adult with a sensitive, gentle personality. He’s an absolutely beautiful dog with plushy soft fur, a unique color, and a very kind, thoughtful expression. Tyson is affectionate with his friends and likes to be petted and cuddled, and when he’s comfortable he’s very silly! He loves to play outside, and is very smart and food-motivated. We have seen that he bonds very strongly with his caregivers and people he sees every day, and relies on them for support and encouragement. He seems to love other dogs, and we think a “helper” or mentor dog will be wonderful for him.

In his previous life, Tyson was crated most of the time and sometimes bullied by another dog in the home. Coming to YGRR has been a big change for him–and while he’s always well-behaved and respectful, he is also fearful and can take a long time to warm up. Tyson may require his new family to visit him a few times before bringing him home, and he is definitely worth it! Everyone here loves Tyson and wants him to have a great life. A good environment for him will be laid-back, and low pressure, and very loving!

Dogs: Yes! Tyson would benefit from a dog to “show him the ropes”
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Tyson would do okay with older, respectful kids
Fence: Very highly recommended!

neutered male Golden Retriever, tentative age of 7 (but may be older), about 60 pounds

Cutie Red! This sweet and energetic guy doesn’t let anything stop him. He loves going on his walkies and spending time outdoors with our staff and volunteers, and he adores a good cuddle and nap afterwards. He’s learning to walk nicely on a leash and is very motivated to learn, especially if you have treats. Red is also super social and enjoys meeting both new people and new dogs—although he can be very forward and some pups may find that off-putting.

Red came to us from Turkey and does show the signs of a life that wasn’t always easy. At some point he was shaved, and while it’s growing back his coat is definitely on the trim side! Red also has cataracts in both eyes and limited vision, although he still gets around pretty well. He has an ophthalmology consult in October, and our veterinarian believed he could regain his vision through a successful cataract surgery. Experience with blind or vision-impaired dogs preferred but not required!

Fence: Recommended
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Pending Intro
Kids: 10+