We at YGRR are grateful to have been making excellent matches of wonderful dogs with loving homes for over 30 years and are excited to be exploring new ways to be of even better service.

In the interests of expediting our matching process, we have created this private page to allow you, our Approved Applicants, to view our dogs as they complete their health screenings and behavioral assessments and become available for adoption.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Due to the high transport costs associated with our International Golden rescue initiative, effective immediately there will be a $400.00 Transport Fee added to the normal Adoption Fee for an International Golden. This fee represents a small fraction of the expense YGRR incurs, but will hopefully help us to continue this program which has made so many dogs and adopters so very happy.

To learn more about a dog you see here, click on the dog’s picture and a brief description will appear. If a dog interests you, we would be happy to discuss in greater detail that dog’s likelihood of being a match for your goals and lifestyle. Dogs are made available for adoption after we assess their behavior and medical needs.  Some dogs may be matched with applicants before being listed on this page.

You can reach a YGRR Adoption Counselor by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 978-568-9738.

We look forward to helping you find a great match and helping these lovely dogs find their forever family!



1 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (60 pounds)

Boy oh boy was this a trip! I have come a long way and still have some to go, but I hope this all ends up with me in a great home!

I am a very peculiar girl, but not in a bad way. I think I just haven’t experienced a lot of the things you American people do with your dogs!?

I would love to have a home as the only dog. I wouldn’t say I am completely against meeting other dogs, but I need more time and practice before I can feel completely comfortable. So living with one would probably be way too much. I would love to work on this in my new home and get better and better at it. I think my inexperience hinders me here.

I would love to get attention all day long. I’m not super into toys, although I am learning they can be fun. Can I tell you a secret?? I think my favorite thing to play with is YOU! That’s right! I love it when my human friends jog around, playbow to me, get me all excited and run around some more. It is the most fun game I’ve ever played! I get the zoomies and start running around and will playbow back at you and then dodge and juke you out of your shoes!

I do have some sensitivities. The first being strangers. If you let me take the time to get to know you then I am much more comfortable than if you rush me. The second sensitivity is my ears. When I arrived at Yankee from Turkey, I had a pretty bad ear infection on top of a wounded and bloody ear. So I can be a little head shy and really am not sure about people touching my ears until I am comfortable with you. Then the last sensitivity is my skin. I have sensitive skin so keeping a consistent diet is best and also taking my daily meds for any itching is helping a lot!

I’m hoping that you will find me cute and fun to play with even though it means you have to play back! It is a fun game, I promise!


5 year old spayed female Golden-At-Heart (110 pounds)

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not a golden. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to grow a fluffy coat. What I lack in fluff, I make up for in love and I can’t wait to have a family that loves me back. I was from a tough situation where I was yelled at a lot, wasn’t exercised enough, and was the mother of a couple litters. Sometimes I can be a little skeptical of meeting strangers, but it’s because I’m not sure what they’re going to do to me. Are they going to be nice? Are they going to yell? I’d like somebody that can support me and show me that people are okay. Once I get to know you, I’m a total love muffin. I could just hang out with you all day!

As you can see, I’m a little overweight…okay maybe a lot overweight, but that’s what happens when your people don’t take you for walks. I actually enjoy walks and the staff is able to bring me for longer walks each day. I’m probably not ready for a super long hike quite yet, but with your help, I bet I can get there some day. I will finally be able to enjoy what it truly means to be a dog!

If you already have another dog in your home, that’s fine with me. I’ve been pretty good with the dogs I’ve met so far, though I’m not much of a player. Maybe it’s because of my size, but I mostly just like to hang around with other dogs and maybe join them on a walk

Contact the adoption office so we can start working on our beach bodies together! I’ll be here hanging out and looking cute.


6 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (75 pounds)

Have you seen the movie Finding Nemo? Did you know that Dory was the one that FOUND Nemo in the movie!? She saved the day! She made everyone happy! Well, my name is Dori, and although spelled differently than the little, blue fish, I will make YOU happy as well!

I have a lot in common to Dory the fish. I am a very dependent girl. I LOVE to have your attention and will whine if you stop petting me! What makes you think that stopping is acceptable!? I do bond very strongly once I trust you and understand that you are going to be good to me. I LOVE to play games and play with my toys. I have a few favorites and hope to get a few new ones in my new home! I also LOVE to go on adventures and go exploring! Just like Dory did in the movie! I love to go for walks and I will dance when I get excited!

You want to see me REALLY dance? Well just scratch my bum! I start dancing like no one’s watching! I also love car rides. I have lived as the only dog, but I don’t mind other dogs at all. I get a little nervous and giddy, like I’m excited to see them but not sure what to do! I think having some doggie friends in the neighborhood would be best for me. I also haven’t lived with young kids since I was a pup, so I am a bit out of practice, but older kids are fine!

I have had a rough few months and I’m not going to lie, I really would love to get into a home soon. So, just like Dory in the movie, I am confused about life right now and a bit stressed out. I am a bit of a generally anxious dog and I would love for a family to understand that I have been through a lot. But I do hope that you will consider a sweet girl like me to become a part of your family and home. It may take me a little bit to figure out what is going on, but I promise I will. Just like Dory, the fish, it has been a long journey and I hope that I have a happy ending by finding my forever home!


1 year old neutered male Golden Retriever Mix (55 pounds)

Introducing. The one. The only. Mooookieeee Bettttts!!!! If you don’t know who that is, then you don’t live in New England. I am happy about having such a great name, and I am trying my best to live up to it!

I am a pretty shy guy as the big trip from China really threw me for a curve ball (see what I did there?) But I am slowly learning how to live in this world. I feel like I just got moved up to the big leagues and I’m a bit lost, but with some training, some patience and some help from a good family, I will find my way to a HOME RUN! I will find my way to my FOREVER HOME!

I am much more comfy with another dog to follow around. Things like doorways and stairs are freaky to me and another dog helps that feel better. I also do better after getting some time to get used to you and used to my surroundings. I am pretty comfy with staff now, but when they take me to a new room or part of the building it is like I’m a catcher on a pitcher’s mound…lost. So a fenced-in yard would be best so I can get used to that first before going out and away from home.

So, what do you say. I’m at the plate. Ready for the first pitch to be thrown and I hope that it will be a HOMER for me!


2 year old male Golden Retriever (70 pounds)

I am applying for a forever family. I have attached my resume and cover letter for your consideration. If you need references I can provide some, but most of them speak ‘dog’ so I’m not sure how helpful that will be in your search. I do have quite a few human references as well though! My resume is as follows:

I am a proven, handsome, stud of a guy. I have an amazing blonde coat and dark brown eyes that even a blind person could get lost in! I also have nice pearly whites that I enjoy showing off while I smile.

I am currently earning my Bachelor’s degree in leash walking with a specialization in using a harness. My double-major includes being great at going on adventures to new locations, including but not limited to state parks, rail trails, beaches, and outdoor ice cream parlors. My second major is riding in the car for long or short trips. I am also currently taking a course on how to play with different dogs. I have successfully passed multiple tests on this subject including tests with a young dog, tests with an older dog and a test with a small dog. All completed with honors.

My biggest strengths are my smile and my ability to have a good time everywhere I go. My biggest weaknesses are that I leak urine and will have to undergo a small surgery soon to hopefully help with that, as well as I am working on learning to play fetch and actually bringing the ball BACK to the human.

I have special interests in humans, dogs, cows, tug-of-war, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, and going on any adventures, anywhere, anytime. I would love to continue to work toward my goals of learning to not be so handsome in public because everyone wants to touch me, as well as not being so jumpy when I am excited!

My honors include being the spokes-dog and model for Wilderdog Co. earlier this year. I was also an ambassador of sorts for the 2019 Boston Marathon Start Line.

I know that I am qualified to be a great family member and I hope that you consider my resume despite the fact I have a leaking problem that I am doing my best to make better with the vets and the staff at Yankee. I sure hope that my resume gets me a full-time position as your companion, your family member and your best friend!



1 year old neutered male Golden Retriever mix (55 pounds)

Phew! I think I’m finally ready to put myself out there. I’m a bit of a shy guy at first, but I warm up if you just give me a chance. I was one of the nine “Red Sox puppies” from China, but I was lucky enough to find myself a foster home when I arrived in America. Everything was so new to me when I got off the plane, I just didn’t know how react. To be honest, it was all a bit scary. My foster parents have been making great strides with me though!

I share my foster home with a golden retriever “bother” and we enjoy wrestling and chasing each other, so a doggy sibling in my new forever home would be great! In fact, they would probably continue to help me come out of my shell. They can show the ropes of being a real American dog, ya know?

My foster mom describes me as a playful young boy, much a like a puppy in many ways. I didn’t really have the opportunity to go through the fun part of puppyhood in China, so I’m making up for it here. So yeah, I’m a little mouthy and I may try steal a tissue when you’re not looking, but that just means I’m being normal youngster! I’m a smart boy so we can go to training classes and continue working on my good boy manners.

I have to say I am pretty proud of myself! I am getting used to riding in a car, I have been to the beach where the waves are SO loud, and I have even been walking with my new harness on! I love it!

I love my foster home but I am ready for my FOREVER home!


2 year old male Golden Retriever mix (60 pounds)

Have you ever seen a magical creature such as myself? The black-coated Golden Retriever-looking, dazzling and stunning, impressive and ravishing dog? Well, now you officially have seen one because you have looked at my picture!

I here am known as Onyx and I am from the great land of China. I made the trip over the pond to be here with all of you! I am still getting used to everything there is to see and hear and smell over here, but I am on my way to being an American citizen! I just need one more thing…a family to call my own!

I am an independent soul and I enjoy exploring my surroundings. Getting a lay of the land, so they say. I have a bubbly personality but I still enjoy my independence. I have never had the option of relying on anyone else for anything, so it has taught me to always rely on myself. Don’t blame me for being a smart guy!

I’m not super sure what toys are, so I am cautious around those things. Some of them even have faces on them! That is just creepy, but I think I can get used to them with time. Same with new people…I like to give myself a second to get to know you before we move to second base, ya know? I still act like a puppy, so even though I’m 2…you should think of me more like a 4 month old. I never had a good puppyhood, so I figure, I might as well relive it now! In other words, I would really love to go learn some cool stuff at training so I can become more mature!

I enjoy the company of other dogs and like to go on walks with them. I am a bouncy guy outside, I walk with swagger to make sure everyone notices. You’ll see when you come to meet me!


1 year old male Golden Retriever mix (30 pounds)

I am 100% aware that I may be the cutest living creature on the planet. So let’s not waste time talking about that. That’s obvious. I also know that most people start talking to me like a baby when they see me. You know…I can hear you right? And you sound ridiculous! But at the same time, my tail starts wagging when you do that and I can’t control it!

Boone’s the name and being adorable is my game! I love to go out on walks and get lots of exercise for these little legs of mine! You’d be surprised!

I enjoy meeting new people but I may take a second to get my sniffs in! I’m from China, and I have no clue who you are! So just give me a second here!

I enjoy toys but they get boring after a while. Your attention is pretty awesome though and I don’t get bored with that!

I am gaining more dog to dog experience and I am becoming quite a polite gentleman. If they want to play, that if fine, but if not that is fine too. I will say, my excitement gets the best of me sometimes and I just have a spazzy moment and love to just run and jump on the other dog to play! Like my brain short circuits and I forget that MAYBE the other dog just wants to go n a peaceful walk and not play with me? Who knows. Doesn’t matter. What matters is I’m adorable, I have the coolest name, and boy do I steal hearts!


3 year old Golden Retriever Mix (50 pounds)

Chocolate. Cocoa. Mocha. I’m right up there with some of the SWEETEST things on Earth! Now that says a lot about me because of how true it is!

People are my favorite thing. Toys are alright. Dogs are alright. But PEOPLE! People are the best. Especially people with HANDS! No…TWO hands! I wonder if there is anyone out there with three hands? If that’s you…then come pick me up right this instant!

I enjoy getting attention as much as I enjoy giving attention. I do need to get my bearings about me if I am in a new place and around new people, but that happens pretty quickly!

I love to go for walks and I love to cuddle and hang out with people. I do like to eat on my own though. That is one place where I don’t need your attention. You don’t like to be interrupted while eating either…same here!

I have a nice, thick, brown coat that is growing in nicely because when I came it was not so great. I am from a not-so-great situation in China, so at one point, I actually had NO hair! Can you believe that!? This poor girl was left with no hair. But I am on the up and up and ready for YOU to come and get me now!


6 month old female Golden Retriever (40 pounds)

Well aren’t I just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen! I’m everything you expect in a golden retriever. I’m currently enjoying life in my foster home, but I’m ready to find my forever family.

My foster mom says I bring their family a ton of laughs. I’ve have been great with their 13 year old Labrador retriever and I’m very respectful with his boundaries. I also love chasing their 3 year old terrier mix around the house. I’ll admit, I can be a little pushy when I want a toy but will be submissive when the other dog yells at me to tell me it’s theirs. Fine! I guess I will have to learn to share then!

I can do tricks too! I already know how to “sit” and “leave it” and I’m currently learning “paw” and “down.” I’m a pretty smart girl so I bet I’ll have it down in no time. I’m also a great sleeper and I typically don’t get into anything through the night like most puppies. Psh, I’m a piece of cake! I walk well on leash and have even tried walking myself. Piece of cake again – just hand me the leash! I love everyone I meet and will try and climb onto their lap (my foster family is working on that now), so maybe a basic obedience class to learn how to be a well-mannered doggie would be a good idea.

Here’s the thing…the only issue I have, and it’s a very manageable issue, is that I leak urine, much like a leaky faucet. It’s something I can’t control right now unfortunately because I was built a little funky. Things aren’t exactly connected where they should be! Yankee has taken me to the vet to see what we can do for me, and I will need a couple of procedures to help (and hopefully end) my leaking, but so far, I’m still at a point where I wear a diaper in the house. I am completely potty trained but will pee in the diaper if you don’t get me out quick enough. My foster family changes my pad every time I go outside and cleans my “area” twice a day. I feel like I’m too young to be talking about this stuff…but oh well! Yankee is still working on the next steps as for getting me in for my first procedure, but this is something that will take time as I can’t do it all in one day! That would be WAY too much for this little body! That’s no reason to wait another SECOND longer for my forever family though! I’d love to find my forever family now, and then we can do any surgeries after I have settled into my new digs a bit. Yankee will be paying for it when it comes time anyway, so don’t worry! Please contact the adoption office and ask about me – I’m super excited to meet you!!


7 year old neutered male Golden Retriever (75 pounds)

You cannot resist this face, can you? I know…it’s like trying not to eat the whole bag of M&M’s…it’s impossible!

Well if you knew me you would want to take the next step and inquire about me, so here goes! My name is Cooper and I am a good guy! I love to get cuddles and fall asleep with you petting my belly and nudge you when you forgot about me and I’ll admit, sometimes I even yell at you if you really aren’t paying attention to me! I’m a needy guy! I’m the sensitive type! Did you know that sensitivity is the new macho? Clearly, attention seems to be my favorite thing.

I also enjoy going for walks and I like going for rides too! I even like to swim! I play with the water with my mouth. Why can’t I EVER catch it?? Makes no sense to me…

I am a good boy and I learn very quickly and I already know some of the basic things! Woohoo!

I like other dogs but not dogs that are obnoxious, ya know? I’m in my adult years, I’m not trying to pretend like I like toddlers jumping all over me. I think I would like to be the only dog in my home but I wouldn’t mind having doggie friends or going on walks with other dogs. That’s more tolerable. But at the end of the day…I just want it to be me, you, and a big comfy couch. What do ya say!?

I have been around kids, but I like the older kids better. They are just less to worry about!

I am about to have a knee surgery from an old injury so that I don’t have days where I am in pain anymore. I would love a home to help me through my recovery! Is that your home?


4 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (48 pounds)

Halloween is coming up soon! Don’t you wanna freak everyone out with me? I know my eyes look a little scary, but it is actually nothing to worry about! It adds character to my already awesome character!

I am a head turner (more than just people being freaked out by my eyes), but also because I am a cute lady with a small stature! And my favorite things are to just sit with my head in your lap! Ugh that’s the best!

I would love a home where I can be the only dog only because I can get a little jealous sharing attention with another. I don’t want to be that bossy big sister to another dog…I just want to be loved on by my humans all day!

I do like to go for walks with other dogs though! I also do well in the car! I sort of just fall asleep? Like a baby? I like the motion and it makes me tired!

If you think you can give me lots of attention and love and more attention, then what are you waiting for!?


4 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (70 pounds)

Football season is upon us folks!!! It is the best time of year! You can taste the crisp air, the foggy mornings, the home-baked dog cookies…oops! Did I say that? Well, I do love cookies, and I’ve never had a home-baked cookie…sounds like it could be a fun addition to your football Sundays!!

I think I could add some other additions to your football Sundays, like playing a good game of chase and be chased! And some snuggle time on the couch! And maybe you could drop some people food on the floor and I can be right there to clean it up for you! And this could be EVERY day of the week…not just Sundays!

I LOVE to be an active girl and play and go on walks and explore! I am feeling much better after arriving from China in rough shape! But I’m all squared away now and in the best shape I’ve been in, just in time for football, I even had to get a buzz-cut when I arrived! Never felt more free! I bet walking with you could get me into even better shape!

I also love to swim and entertain people…it’s just what I do. I like the company of other dogs, but I can be a little too much for the older ones, or the lazy ones. I don’t want a lazy friend, I want one that can match my style! Or I could live as the only dog and spend more time with YOU! I do try to play bow and entice humans to play too! You guys play weird.

I would love to be home for the next gameday! What do you say!!?


4 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (60 pounds)

Harper is my name and sniffin’ around is my game! I must have some good ol hound-dog in these genes of mine because my nose likes to take control of my body! There are so many good smells out there to smell and I can’t WAIT to smell you when you come to meet me! You’re going to smell like Tide laundry detergent, dog cookies, the sandwich you had for lunch and LOVE! I can always sniff out love! That’s the strongest smell there is!

I would love to have a yard I can monitor and sniff around in each and every day! I am still learning how to leash walk, but I am getting there! I also am still learning how to properly greet dogs without jumping on top of them immediately. I’m kind of forward and some dogs don’t love that. I think living as the only dog so I can keep working on my greeting style with other dogs would be best! I just can’t control it and sometimes it leads to a great doggie friendship and other times the other dog really thinks I’m a little too obnoxious to be their friend. I’m trying and I certainly get an A for effort!

I love to give kisses too! Anywhere! On your hands, your face, your bag, your shoe. Everything deserves some Harper kisses! I even kiss the water in my water bowl! But I dunk my ENTIRE face into the water to make sure ALL the water in there gets a slobbery kiss! It can get a little messy sometimes…that’s why they invented towels!

My favorite games are fetch and fetching while I swim! You should adopt me before it gets too cold for me to go for swims!


2 year old spayed female Golden Retriever (65 pounds)

Shhhh…can you hear that? It sounds like peace and quiet! I would love some of that! Being here in this big place has me pretty nervous and I had a huge trip from China to start it all off! I am just in need of some extra TLC, a couple of nice and patient people, and a few squeaky toys!

If you have a peaceful place that you call home, then maybe I can join you? I’m still adjusting to life here and how you humans do things and I have come a long way, but I will continue to learn to not be so afraid in my forever home! For now, I still feel like I need to hit the deck when someone reaches to pet me or if I’m meeting someone new. It’s just my coping mechanism! I hope that a new home can take things slowly with me and let me have the time to see that they are only going to love me more and more each day!

I would really love to live with another dog, as I enjoy their company and I think they enjoy mine! I like other dogs that easy-going and don’t want to just jump on top of me to play, but I like them to have some pep in their step too! It helps me walk better in new places! I do have to say, the woods is one scary place. You walk onto a trail and all of a sudden everything gets darker, and there are rustling noises and I am pretty sure that a monster might pop out and try to eat me at any time! I do better walking on roadways or open spaces, for now at least.

I think it’s about time that you added a sweet dog that needs a home into your life!

Alex & Ani:

9 year old neutered male Golden Retriever & 4 year old female Yorkie Mix (85 pounds & 15 pounds)

You’ve heard of the Odd Couple. Well, you have now been introduced to Yankee’s odd couple! I will do all the talking cause I rule this roost. Yeah, not Alex…it’s me. Ani. I’m the one that’s talking!

Alex and I have been buddies for as long as I can remember and we were taken from a pretty bad situation and wound up at Yankee! Since we are bonded and Alex needs me by his side, we have to go home together. He’s just a big baby and might cry a lot if we go split up. So that ain’t happening!

I’ll admit, sometimes I take advantage of how nice Alex is to me. I even steal his bed, like all the time…so then he goes and tries to fit into my bed. Even if he curls up as tight as he can…he just doesn’t fit. But he gets an A for effort!

I can be a little pushy for attention but I have to be! If you weighed 10 pounds you would have to set some standards somewhere too! Alex loves the attention too though. We BOTH love to be petted and scratched!

Alex already had his surgery to get his old-man lumps and bumps removed and I have a surgery scheduled because I have a hernia almost the size of a softball hanging from my belly! It will be all fixed soon! I took good care of Alex after he had his lumps removed. The humans didn’t really appreciate me trying always clean his incisions with my tongue…but I don’t have a flippin sterile cloth to use, so what do they expect me to use!? So now it’s his turn!

We both like toys and Alex likes to fetch them. Sometimes I do it too, but it depends on my mood. We both are OK with other dogs, but we just were never around any other dogs but each other growing up. So I bark at them sometimes, and then Alex just runs me over to see what I’m barking at! Big dummy! I think we would like to live in a home as the only dogs but we don’t mind passing dogs on walks and whatnot.

We would love a home where we can be treated with love and TLC every day! We haven’t had that yet and cannot wait to experience it in a nice and cozy house! You can even buy us Pats jerseys if you want to… Alex would love to wear one. I will deal with it if it means I get a home outta the deal!


2 year old neutered male Golden Retriever (65 pounds)

Joy. That is my name. Yes. I am a boy. But also YES! I exude joy everywhere I go and with everyone I meet! So although I’m a guy, I think my name is appropriate! When you meet me you would agree.

I live life like someone left the gate open! I am from Turkey and I didn’t have this lifestyle before. But as a seasoned 2 year old, now, I have grown into an adventurous, loving and funny dude! I enjoy ALL toys and I especially love the ones that make noise and squeak. I will toss them up and play catch with myself all day!

I love to be as close to you as possible. I love to cuddle (although I’m not sure how to sit still and do that yet), so I refer to my style of cuddle as “exuberant cuddling”… it makes people laugh so I guess they like it! Most of what I do is exuberant anyway! I walk exuberantly! I play with toys exuberantly.

I like other dogs, but I don’t love it when OTHER dogs are exuberant at me! I also need a little more practice learning to play without going overboard. So probably a home as the only dog would be good since I still need some off-leash practice BUT I would like to continue making doggie friends and learning to play with them!

I will admit, my only flaw is that I like dirt. It feels SOO good between my toes and on my belly! The cool and damp dirt flying through the air is a fun thing I do! It’s like a water show…but with dirt! You could time some music to it and maybe we can charge people to watch! But yeah, I just like to dig holes so I can lay in them. So just buy yourself a shovel to fix them and we will be all set!


1 year old male Golden Retriever (70 pounds)

They say life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get! Well, I got good looks, a great personality, and I even got the uncontrolled “butt scratch dance” to go with it!

I LOVE you humans! You are the best thing on this Earth! You give food, you cuddle, you love to toss tennis balls to me! Well, if you get ME in YOUR box of chocolates, you will be one happy hooman! I’m like finding the ONE chocolate that has the cherry in the middle! It is the most exquisite and the most mouthwatering one in the whole box! That’s me!

I loves to play with other dogs but I am a bit like a pogo stick upon first greeting! So I need a doggie friend that doesn’t mind a bouncy friend! I could also be the only dog and just have doggie friends to visit!

I enjoy playing with toys and tennis balls and I am great at entertaining myself (and whoever is watching me) as I play! I also love to cuddle on the couch, on top of your lap, where you can’t see anything, but the hair on my back, which forces you to pet me. You get the point.

I do have a heart condition that I need to take my meds for each day, and I will need to continue these into any new home! It has gotten a bit better since being on the meds, so that is GREAT! But I will still need the meds probably forever. I hope that doesn’t slow you down from emailing about me right now! I’m sure you take medication too! Let me be the next chocolate you pick out of the box!


1 year old neutered male Golden Retriever (55 pounds)

Everyone needs someone. I REALLY need someone! I’m a very shy guy and really am looking for the perfect place to call home. I hope you have a second in your day to finish reading what I have to say so that way you can inquire about me today!

One definite condition is that I need another dog, or dogs, in my home with me. I am just not the same guy without other dogs around. They make me happy and they make me feel a bit better about life! Some dogs are a little scary when they are really demanding and pushy…I’m not a fan of that and it certainly doesn’t help me gain confidence and feel any comfier! So only easy-going and playful doggie friends, please!

I need a family that has a fenced-in yard! I like what I like…and going on walks far from home at this point in my life just doesn’t make me feel good! I seek out my comfort zones and one of those is the yards!

I would like my family to have plenty of understanding and patience! I have been here at Yankee for a little over a month and I still am not completely trusting of anyone yet. I have come a long way, don’t get me wrong! But I still have a ways to go! And moving into another new place I am sure I may take a few steps backwards…but I can’t live at Yankee! So a family that is okay taking lots of time to give me my space, allowing me to come out of my shell slowly, and people that aren’t going to rush me into anything I don’t want to do would be best! I know it sounds like a lot…but it’s not. Patience is a virtue people! Don’t you have it?

I also would like a home to keep working on things with me! I WANT to be more confident and I WANT to feel more comfortable! So let’s keep working on it! Doing some easy training at home would be fun eventually. It’s not my fault I don’t know anything but to be fearful! Let’s make it better…together!