We at YGRR are grateful to have been making excellent matches of wonderful dogs with loving homes for over 30 years and are excited to be exploring new ways to be of even better service.

In the interests of expediting our matching process, we have created this private page to allow you, our Approved Applicants, to view our dogs as they complete their health screenings and behavioral assessments and become available for adoption.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Due to the high transport costs associated with our International Golden rescue initiative, effective immediately there will be a $400.00 Transport Fee added to the normal Adoption Fee for an International Golden. This fee represents a small fraction of the expense YGRR incurs, but will hopefully help us to continue this program which has made so many dogs and adopters so very happy.

To learn more about a dog you see here, click on the dog’s picture and a brief description will appear. If a dog interests you, we would be happy to discuss in greater detail that dog’s likelihood of being a match for your goals and lifestyle. Dogs are made available for adoption after we assess their behavior and medical needs.  Some dogs may be matched with applicants before being listed on this page.

You can reach a YGRR Adoption Counselor by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 978-568-9738.

We look forward to helping you find a great match and helping these lovely dogs find their forever family!

2-year old neutered male Golden Retriever (66 pounds)

Wow, handsome, smart, and sweet?! I’m the total package! I’m Bogi, and I’m an international traveler from Turkey. Much like my friends I traveled with, not much was known about my past, but what we do know is that I’m incredibly playful and explorative. I have soooo much energy, so lets do lots of runs and hikes and playdates! I get along well with most dogs, but my high energy might be a little bit too much for smaller dogs, low energy dogs, and children.

I love seeing new places and people, getting allllll the sniffs in, and have been known to give a little kiss to new friends. However, I would definitely benefit from training—I like to counter surf, and I don’t like to share my high value treats. I’m a clever guy and will certainly keep you on your toes, so my ideal family will be an experienced one with no small children.

If you’re willing to put in the work, it will pay off tenfold and you will have an amazing family member. I can’t wait to meet and discover what this country has to offer with you!

Kids 10+

4-year old neutered male Golden Retriever (85 pounds)

Hello, I’m Sor, nicknamed the resident Polar Bear. Do they have Polar Bears from Turkey? I may have been the first! I’m a bit on the chunky, fluffy side, and I love to lay over and get my belly rubbed and go for long walks, and I love to swim!

I earn my keep around here by making sure there are absolutely NO squirrels or chipmunks in the yard, no exceptions. I have been choosy making friends in the past, but seem to be feeling much better now about meeting new people and seeing all the world has to offer! However, I would still prefer to be your only dog. I would like to go to an experienced owner and someone who will continue with my training to make sure I’m the best me I can be!

If you’re looking for a big fluffy goofball in your life, look no further!

Cats: No

2-year old neutered male Golden Retriever (55 pounds)

If you’ve been waiting for the spirited love of your life, look no further, because here I am! I’m Vulcan, and I came from Turkey. I have a big personality to match my big heart, but that’s not to say I’m perfect. I could certainly use some training for my still puppy-like tendencies and basic manners.

I love toys, especially squeaky ones! I’ve been known to jump up in pure excitement when I see one, which you can help me work on! I would also be a great workout buddy, with all this energy to burn off.

So what are you waiting for, I’m ready to meet you already!

2-year old neutered male Golden Retriever (57 pounds)

Hello, Roni here, I am an energetic, happy young guy that traveled all the way from Turkey to meet you! The humans here are pretty enamored with me, saying stuff like how I’m really sweet, smart and incredibly food motivated, so if you like learning new tricks, I’d love to learn them with you. I’m pretty good with a few commands, but I’d like to expand what I know.

I’d love an active family with no small kids, but maybe playdates with furry friends! The humans say I’ll need some direction with “counter surfing,” whatever that means. I just want to see what’s on your desk and be closer to you! I call it helping them work, they call it making a mess. Tomato, tomato…

Let’s talk about my other love in life (besides you): Balls! I’m very excited when I see the ball. I know it’s a toy, and I know I need to chase it, it’s the bringing it back part that we will need to work on, but I’m just incredibly happy to be playing and being with my people! Best. Thing. Ever. I love to discover new places, so if you like long walks and exploring the woods, we’re going to have a lot to bark about!

Kids 10+

1-year old spayed female Husky-mix (55 pounds)
Required: Fenced Yard

Hello, I’m Shine, and I’ve been waiting so patiently for my forever home. I can be shy at first to warm up, so I will need some time to really get to know you, but once I do, we will be friends for life! I know I’m worth the wait, though! They named me “Shine” because under the shy girl is such a sweet personality shining through!

I’m also extremely smart and would love if someone could keep me mentally engaged and teach me new tricks to show off. Typical Husky mix, I’m no couch potato! I’m a very athletic girl who will keep you in shape, and my new family should have a fenced in yard.

I think I’d like having another canine playmate as well, as it could help build my confidence, and besides, who doesn’t like having friends to play with?! It’s not a requirement though, I’d also be content being your one and only!

If you have room in your heart for an eager to please girl who wants nothing more than a family of her own, then I can’t wait to meet you!

Cats: No

5-year old spayed female Golden Retriever (71 pounds)

I have traveled all the way from Turkey to find my family, so I hope you’re ready for me! I’m Lilly, and I’m what you call “perfectly out of the puppy phase.” None of that childish chewing on furniture or middle of the night potty training. Nope, I’m totally content with belly rubs and being your shadow. Currently my favorite thing to do here is hang out on the couch and watch the humans get their work done.

I think I keep pretty good, low-key company, and I keep them entertained with my singing!
I do need to be your only dog, though–I much prefer the company of my human friends. I’m working on what the humans call being “reactive” around other dogs, which is a common quirk to have (so I’m told) and sharing my high value treats. Other than that, I’m pretty much perfect, if there is such a thing.

So long story short, if you have a comfy couch and two working hands, I want to meet you!

10-year old neutered male Golden Retriever (87 pounds)

Pleased to meet you! I’m Nate, and I just love everyone. I’m an expert at making a great first impression with my manners. You’re going to love me, because everyone here does. I’m an impressive guy, if I can say so myself. When I first came to YGRR, I was a bit of a chunky monkey, but I’ve slimmed down quite a bit and am looking mighty fine! With my newfound confidence from my svelte looks, I want attention… ALL the attention! Is that so bad? I would do best as your one and only dog.

I just want nothing more than to be with you 25/8. Well, I’d take a pig’s ear if you’re offering one, or a bouncy ball! So, if you’re ready to add a dapper gentleman to your life, I’m ready to meet you!