We at YGRR are grateful to have been making excellent matches of wonderful dogs with loving homes for over 30 years and are excited to be exploring new ways to be of even better service.

In the interests of expediting our matching process, we have created this private page to allow you, our Approved Applicants, to view our dogs as they complete their health screenings and behavioral assessments and become available for adoption.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: Due to the high transport costs associated with our International Golden rescue initiative, effective immediately there will be a $400.00 Transport Fee added to the normal Adoption Fee for an International Golden. This fee represents a small fraction of the expense YGRR incurs, but will hopefully help us to continue this program which has made so many dogs and adopters so very happy.

If a dog interests you, we would be happy to discuss in greater detail that dog’s likelihood of being a match for your goals and lifestyle. Dogs are made available for adoption after we assess their behavior and medical needs. Some dogs may be matched with applicants before being listed on this page.

You can reach a YGRR Adoption Counselor by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 978-568-9738.

We look forward to helping you find a great match and helping these lovely dogs find their forever family!

9 months old, 40 pounds

We’ll be honest: Riley is about as cute as they come. There’s no getting around that. She’s little, she’s adorable, and her sweet face? Absolutely to die for. You’re already in love with her and you haven’t even met her yet. Not to mention she’s silly and loves to play… really the whole package. Intrigued? We know you are.

Riley is about nine months old, and came to Yankee for some medical treatment. She has what’s called Congenital Ichthyosis, an intimidating-sounding name for what amounts to (for her) a permanent bad case of dandruff. It’s not uncommon in Golden Retrievers, and we’ve managed it with a good diet, brushing, and regular baths. Besides that, she has a surgical consult scheduled for mid-May for a procedure that one of our adoption staff will be happy to discuss with you. Her adopters must be able to commit to her appointments and, ideally, live in Massachusetts.

As a young dog (basically a teenager) Riley can definitely be a little silly. This wiggly girl is working on improving some of her manners, and already knows some commands! She would do very well with a family who was interested in helping her learn more and helping her become the best dog she can be. Riley LOVES to run and play, and is extremely good at fetch! She will need a lot of exercise to help her grow and keep her big brain busy. She’s reasonably well housetrained but will probably need a refresher course once she gets home—no big deal! Her biggest challenge, besides her medical issues, is that she can be a little fearful of new people. Don’t get us wrong, she’s incredibly friendly, but she can get spooked by people who look different than what she’s used to (think: really big hat, backpack, giant coat, etc). With patience, treats, and plenty of positive interactions, we’re confident she’ll be able to overcome that!

Dogs: Riley loves other dogs, and we think it will be important for her to have a canine friend to play with
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Riley does have experience with children and would do best living with kids older than 10
Fence: Highly recommended—Riley loves to run!

Leo #5965
4 year old neutered male Golden Retriever, 100 pounds

Mona #5966
3 year old spayed female Golden Retriever, 90 pounds

Mona and Leo are a loving, social, bonded pair who came to YGRR through no fault of their own. Their owner, who loves them very much, found themselves in a situation where they thought YGRR could help the pair have a better life—and that’s exactly what we intend to do!

Leo is the older Golden at four years old, and the larger of the two (they’re both a little on the large side, although have been slimming down thanks to plenty of exercise and a Yankee-prescribed diet!). His caregiver called him “Leo the Lover” and we’ve definitely found that to be the case. Leo is very focused on his people and attentive to them. He loves to cuddle and enjoys being around his family, sometimes even more than playing with toys! He seems to like everyone he meets, big or small. In his previous home Leo lived with other dogs of all sizes, but in his future home he would prefer if Mona was the only other dog. Since he is quite large and strong, his new family should be confident in their ability to walk him—we’ve been working on training him with an easy-walk harness, but sometimes he still pulls pretty hard!

Mona is the smaller and younger (at three years old) of the pair. She is a beautiful, soft English Cream Golden and a complete sweetheart. Though she’s been a little anxious here at the shelter (totally understandable), we know that once she’s in a home she’ll absolutely blossom. Her previous owner reported that Mona loves children of all ages and would be very happy if she got to live with or frequently interact with kids. She’s a social girl and enjoys her people, although she may not be quite as quick to warm up as her big brother.

Cats: Mona and Leo previously lived with cats and did well
Kids: Mona and Leo have a lot of child experience and Mona especially was reported to love children in her previous home
Dogs: Mona and Leo would prefer to live in a home without other dogs. Leo doesn’t appreciate meeting strange dogs but Mona didn’t mind
Fence: Mona and Leo would like a big fenced in yard to run and play!

Clancy #5951
2 year old spayed female Labrador Retriever Mix, 40 pounds

Clancy is a sweet, funny little cuddlebug! She’s very active and loves to run, play, and learn. She really enjoys her walkies and spending lots of time outside, and then snuggling up with her family at night.

Clancy made the long trip here from Oklahoma, and while we’re not sure exactly what her life was like we can guess that she often felt lonely, nervous, and that human hands weren’t always for petting. She definitely feels nervous in new situations and with new people, probably because there’s so much she’s never experienced before! Rural or quiet living would be best for her, with a sweet family who understands that dogs, just like people, can feel anxious and need support. Although we think Clancy is about two years old, she still has some “puppy” behaviors that she’s working hard on, like jumping up and mouthing when excited. These behaviors should go away once she is comfortable and has some kind, loving boundaries in place. Being gentle and kind with her is an absolute must!

Clancy would be an incredible agility dog: she can run, jump, and climb! She’s very fast and super athletic. Like most dogs, she would benefit from ongoing training, both to help her learn skills and work on the bond she has with her people. She is super food motivated and will love to learn!

Fence: Clancy is a born athlete and can easily scale fences of any height
Cats: No cats! Clancy will also keep your yard entirely free of rabbits and squirrels
Kids: Clancy would do okay with older kids
Dogs: Clancy should be the only dog in her new home. She would not enjoy dog parks

Addie #5946
2 year old spayed female Labrador Retriever Mix, 40 pounds

Sweet and petite!

Addie is a little sweetheart! She is a complete lover and, if she had it her way, she’d be attached like Velcro to you at all times while covering you in kisses! That’s basically a full-time job, but in Addie’s spare time she enjoys playing with toys, running around as fast as she can, and learning new skills (more on that later).

Addie made the long trip here from Oklahoma, and while we’re not sure exactly what her life was like we can guess that she often felt lonely and that human hands weren’t always for petting. All things considered, Addie is a trusting girl and gets a lot of comfort from her humans when she’s feeling shy or anxious—which, at the moment, is often. Being in a shelter, even one as nice as YGRR, is never as good as being in a loving home!

She loves to play, run around, and spend time with her friends. Addie is a very smart girl, and will do basically anything for a delicious treat! Working on training together is wonderful for her mind, and also helps us bond! She’s very eager to please, and we know she’ll have so much fun with her new family (especially if they want to go to obedience or agility classes!). Although we think Addie is about two years old, she still has some “puppy” behaviors that she’s working hard on, like jumping up and mouthing when excited. These behaviors should go away once she is comfortable and has some kind, loving boundaries in place. Being gentle and kind with Addie is an absolute must: our little sweetheart is sensitive! When you meet her, she’ll probably roll right over at first and need some coaxing and tasty treats to get comfortable (you see what we mean about her previous life).

We think that Addie would hugely benefit from having a canine sibling, partially because other dogs really boost her confidence! A helper dog is great for “showing them the ropes” and modeling good behavior. Not to mention, she just loves to play so much 😊

Addie really does deserve a chance, and we know that one of our amazing adopters will give it to her.

Fence: Required. Addie gets so much joy from running and playing in the yard
Cats: No cats! Addie will also keep your yard entirely free of rabbits and squirrels
Kids: Addie would do okay with older kids
Dogs: We think Addie really, really wants a canine sibling

Misty #5970: Meet Pending!!
7 month old spayed female Labrador Retriever Mix, 40 pounds

We love Misty. Misty is the sweetest, wiggliest little girl in all the land! She is super good-natured and absolutely velvety soft, perfect for tons of pets and couch snuggles (she really, really likes the couch).

Misty can be a little reserved at first, but always very polite (both with kids and strangers!). Once she warms up to you (and it won’t take long) she is full of happy tail wags. Misty LOVES playing with toys—they are definitely the way to her heart. Ball, plushy toy, rope…she likes them all.

Misty also gets along well with other dogs! She seems to really prefer female dogs, and would be happy to live with one. She is very polite and tolerant of the male dogs she’s met here and does well in playgroup, but it’s obvious that this little lady prefers the company of girls. She enjoys running, “chase me” games, and also likes to wrestle! Her ideal home would, obviously, also love to play. We have been working on some of her skills, and she already knows “sit” and “come”! We are practicing “stay” and walking nicely on a leash—she’s pretty good, but practice makes perfect!

Kids: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Yes, pending intro
Fence: Recommended

Layla #5973: Meet Pending!!
1.5 year old spayed female Golden Retriever Mix, 45 pounds

Silly Layla! This cutie has all the fluff and curls of a Golden in a nice compact little package. She is a little bit chunky now, but nothing some exercise won’t fix!

Layla is a cheerful, bouncy girl. She arrived at Yankee all the way from Oklahoma, and everyone fell in love with her immediately. She has a very sweet face and a fun, alert personality. Sometimes her alertness can become vigilance—we do see this commonly with dogs in new environments. In a consistent home, we’re sure she’ll fully relax. Layla seems to really enjoy playing with toys, and we think she’d like outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, or just exploring nature.

Layla can be nervous with new people and environments, but we feel confident that with some support she’ll do just fine. It would be her preference if her new home didn’t have too many people coming and going, and ideally someone would be home with her often!

Dogs: Yes, pending intro. Layla can be a little bossy but gets along well with other dogs
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Layla would do best in an adult only home, or with teenagers
Fence: Highly recommended

8 year old Golden Retriever, 50 lbs

Doris is sweet Turkish girl! This old lady was originally adopted from Yankee in 2019 and returned recently. Sometimes things don’t work out, but it’s all good! She’s ready to find her perfect retirement home—YGRR round 2. Doris is fluffy, cheerful, and always extremely excited to meet you.

A few things to know upfront: Doris might be small, but she is strong! Somewhere in her short, round little body is the strength of a dog twice her size. She usually walks pretty nicely on leash and enjoys her walkies very much, but if she sees something that catches her interest all bets are off. Things that catch her interest include squirrels (pretty interesting), outdoor cats (VERY interesting), and other dogs (whoa! take it easy, Doris). Dogs are kind of a big deal to her: she either tolerates them or can’t even stand to look at them. It’s probably about 30/70, so ideally, Doris wouldn’t have to look at another dog ever again if she didn’t want to. We can’t blame her too much—we have no idea what her life was like growing up in Turkey, but it might have been pretty tough.

This brings us to item #2: Doris is not very good at sharing. When she gets something special, she wants to make sure that she gets to keep it! Through a few radical handling techniques, we’ve been able to completely manage this behavior here at YGGR: don’t bother her while she’s eating, don’t try to take away her special stuff, and/or don’t give her super high-value food items. Voila!

And item #3: she barks. If you refer to item #1 regarding the big dog in a little dog body, that’s the bark we’re talking about. It’s robust!

On to the good stuff: Doris loves you. She hasn’t even met you yet but she loves you. She’ll position herself directly underneath your hand for optimal pats. If you move yourself she’ll move too. Most people have two hands and that is optimal for petting, but if you only have one that’s perfectly fine too. She wants you to pet her all day and is perfectly content doing the retired-dog thing. No runs necessary for this girl! Maybe a nice game of tug with her rope toy, though. She appreciates tug (see item #2).
Doris has a medical procedure scheduled for this summer, which an adoption specialist will be happy to discuss with you.

Fence: very highly recommended! Ideally a solid fence so she’d have fewer things to bark at
Cats: Nope
Dogs: Definitely nope
Kids: Teens okay!

Maple: Meet Pending!!
5 month old unspayed female Goldendoodle, about 30 pounds

Maple is a five-month-old red goldendoodle. She is sweet, snuggly, soft, and extremely good-natured. Maple was rescued from a breeder in Oklahoma and brought to YGRR to find a new family! An adorable, sweet-tempered goldendoodle isn’t usually given up by a breeder, until you consider Maple’s big challenge: she is blind. Mostly likely born blind, Maple has figured how to get around and interact with her environment. She likes to play with toys, cuddle and play with her human friends, and spend time outside! We love watching Maple learn new things and play with her doggie friends.

Because Maple is visually impaired and did not receive adequate socialization prior to arriving at YGRR, it takes her longer to adjust to new environments and learn new skills. It will be important for her new home to be patient, consistent, and committed to her training. Maple’s ideal family would be adults only, or have older children/teens and no small animals. She would do very well if she had an older, sighted “helper” dog to support her! Prior experience with a blind or visually impaired dogs would be very helpful, but willingness to learn is most important. Caring for a blind dog can be challenging, but the rewards are incredible!

Cats: Maple can’t see, and would likely struggle to interact with cats appropriately
Dog: Maple would do very well with another dog in the home
Fence: Required, for Maple’s safety
Please note: Maple is currently unspayed. She will be a foster-to-adopt until her spay surgery.

10 year old black Labrador Retriever mix, 66 pounds

This absolute angel might not look like a golden, but if any dog could be called “golden at heart” it’s Tiger! She is so sweet, so friendly, and so focused on her people that she’d rather spend time with you than play with toys (although don’t get us wrong, she WILL play with toys). We love to spend time snuggling her—not that she gives us a choice! Tiger sometimes (gently) give us the ol’ paw if we aren’t petting her enough! She has lovely brindle markings and the biggest, most beautiful eyes (that she uses to gaze adoringly into your soul).

Tiger walks very nicely on a leash and would make a wonderful companion for someone who appreciated a good stroll. She also likes to romp and play in the yard! Don’t tell her we said this, but she has gotten a little thick around the middle lately….she could probably use a little more exercise! She’s polite with other dogs, although may prefer a retirement home where she was your one and only. Tiger seems to like every person she meets, kids included! Since we don’t know her history, we don’t think it would be a good idea to place her into a home with small children–however, we think she’d be happy to see visiting kiddos!

Cats: despite her name, we believe that Tiger would do best in a home without cats
Dogs: Tiger gets along with dogs well, but may not necessarily want to live with one
Fence: Tiger would appreciate a yard, but may do okay with an adopter who was willing to exercise her appropriately

Swayze: ADOPTED!
1.5 year-old black Labrador Retriever mix, 50 pounds

Talk about handsome! Swayze is a very good-looking young pooch with loads of potential. He has an amazing shiny black coat and a happy, smiling face. He’s super friendly and outgoing, and seems to like everyone he meets. He really enjoys playing, whether it’s with toys or with one of his human friends—to be honest, sometimes it seems like he prefers his human friends! Since he’s still a young guy at 20 months old (essentially a teenage boy!), Swayze is still learning exactly how to be a polite and well-mannered dog. He’s very responsive to positive feedback from humans, and we think he will be a quick study for anything you’d like to teach him!

Swayze’s athletic and high-energy, and we think he’d love getting involved in obedience, nosework, or canine athletics. He has incredible focus when he’s “working” and will absolutely thrive with a family who would give him a job to do! More than just a pretty face, this guy also has a big beautiful brain.

Swayze was very nice and respectful for his dog meet here at the shelter, but does have a history of being reactive towards certain other dogs. He may be able to live with one, pending a good intro, but we think he’d be perfectly happy as your only dog with visiting canine playmates. We don’t think he’s ever met a cat before, but due to his occasional rowdiness and high energy we think it’s best if he doesn’t live with small animals or younger kids. He would like a big fenced yard, but wouldn’t mind a home without one as long as he got a lot of exercise.

Introducing our cocktail litter!

Sometimes after a tough day you need something to take the edge off…hopefully that’s what these sweet, sensitive pups will do! Meet Bellini, Hennessey, and Julep. These delicious, adorable lab mixes are 4 months old and so fluffy, cute, and smushy! Born on an Oklahoma, they grew up romping around outdoors. Coming to YGRR has been a big change for them! They truly have “never left the farm” and humbly ask for your patience as their little puppy brains navigate this big new world! They can be shy and a little fearful, but just like everyone else during these times, they are doing their best. They like their human friends and are very cuddly!
It would be extremely beneficial for these to go to homes with older “helper dogs” to give them confidence and help show them the ropes. Previous experience with shy dogs a huge plus!

Bellini: ADOPTED! Female, unspayed. Bellini will be a foster-to-adopt until her spay appointment.

Hennessey: ADOPTED! Male, un-neutered. Hennessey will be a foster-to-adopt until his neuter appointment.

Julep: ADOPTED! Female, unspayed. Julep will be a foster-to-adopt until her spay appointment.