When YGRR was founded 36 years ago, there were many purebred Golden Retrievers in New England who needed homes. Since 1985, we have helped thousands of Goldens! In the past few years, the number of purebred Golden Retrievers in rescues has declined by almost 70%. Because of this, YGRR has begun taking in a variety dogs, including Labrador Retrievers and other mixed breeds. While we still take in and rehome Golden Retrievers, the likelihood of being matched with one is significantly lower than it has been in the past.

Our dogs are placed into the best homes for them based upon their individual needs and personalities. While the time it takes to be matched with a dog varies, with some applicants being matched very quickly and others experiencing a more lengthy wait, it all depends on your personal circumstances and flexibility. Homes with children, other dogs, cats, or very specific requirements will generally experience the longest waiting times to find a compatible YGRR dog. Similarly, if you are only interested in adopting a purebred Golden Retriever, your wait time may be quite long.


Please note: YGRR dogs are available only to approved adopters. We respectfully ask that you not inquire about a dog unless you have received confirmation of your approval status, as your inquiry will not be processed. Dogs cannot be put on hold for an unapproved applicant. If you would like to apply, please visit our Adopt a Golden Page for more adoption information and eligibility requirements, along with our online application.

If a dog interests you, we would be happy to discuss in greater detail that dog’s likelihood of being a match for your goals and lifestyle. To inquire, please email our Adoption Department at [email protected]. The Adoption Department reviews each adopter’s application and home visit, and will contact applicants for further discussion and a potential introduction based upon (most importantly) strength of match and the length of time the applicant has been waiting.

When the dog is adopted, we will update their profile to reflect that. If a meet with a potential adopter is scheduled, we will update their profile to say “meet pending” and will continue to accept inquiries during that time.

We look forward to helping you find a great match, and helping these lovely dogs find their new family!


Golden Retriever, 4 year old male, 75 lbs

Watson is a sweet, sensitive 4 year old owner surrender whose world was turned upside down when his elderly owner passed away. He was uprooted from his home and is now looking for someone with a lot of patience and love to help build his confidence again. We’re not sure what his former life looked like, but he may have had limited experience interacting with the outer world. The world can be very big and scary if you’re not familiar with it, and Watson will need someone to trust and advocate for him as he learns to navigate everything from walking on a leash to meeting new dogs. He can be quite strong on leash, especially if spooked, so his owners should have experience with extra large and strong dogs.

He is a favorite with our staff at YGRR for his polite nature and sweet demeanor when he’s in his safe space (his kennel) but he will need help feeling safe in a larger space such as a whole house or a neighborhood (one day!). Watson would thrive in a calm quiet household without small children or lots of guests coming in and out. He should be an only dog but we believe that with more training and time he could have doggy friends or even siblings. Watson has proven himself to be quite the escape artist and will need a completely fenced in and secure backyard.

We are so proud of how far Watson has come in the short time we’ve known him, and we’re confident that he will flourish in the right home! His new family needs to have experience raising anxious, fearful, or under socialized dogs, and a commitment to gentleness, consistency, and lots of love.

Dogs: No
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 13+
Fence: Required

Interested adopters may be asked to visit Watson several times prior to adoption in order for him to bond with his new family.



Golden Retriever, 5 year old male, 114 lbs

Meet Chance! Chance is a sweet, loveable golden who has had a hard go of it lately. He was surrendered after his owner unfortunately passed. Chance is looking for a new family to give him all the love he could ask for.

Chance is an ideal golden with the golden personality! He is gentle, affectionate, and loves to snuggle. He loves soft toys and fetch, but not too long of throws as he is a bit out of shape. Chance’s weight, however, is not ideal as he is overweight. He has some difficulty with long walks and standing up, but with diet and exercise he has many happy days ahead of him!

Chance is as sweet as can be and loves to be around people. He can always be found in the same room as his humans, relaxing on the floor and waiting for attention. It’s not hard to oblige him as his fur is as soft as velvet and he loves his pets. He would do well in most families, and would be happy with a dog or some human siblings! He has a lot of love to give and can’t wait to share it.

Would you like to take a chance on Chance?


Dogs: Chance loves other dogs
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Due to size, children over 10
Fence: Not required


Labrador/German short haired Pointer mix, 7 month old male, 45 lbs

Moose is more of an antelope, fast and with lots of energy! He was surrendered due to him being a bit much for his human mom to handle with his two younger human siblings. He may miss them but he will definitely find his forever family soon!

Moose needs a younger family, and some kids would be nice too. Not too young as Moose loves to say hello by jumping up and giving you a hug! He LOVES to play with everyone. Dogs, cats, kids, you name it! He also loves to play with toys and already knows how to play fetch. He is very smart for his age, already knowing sit, down, stay, and come. Moose also learned to ring a bell when he has to go to the bathroom! He loves to learn and would enjoy more training classes.

Being a puppy, he would need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep him calm, but he does settle nicely after getting his energy out! He loves treat puzzles and sniffing out food! So what do you say, how would you like to adopt a Moose?



Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: 10 and older
Fence: Not required, but strongly recommended

Sampson $400

Shephard Mix, 2 year old male, 87 pounds

Sampson! This handsome, charismatic pup cannot wait to meet you. Sampson is a very young adult and still shows some “puppy” behaviors, but he is a truly loving dog with a gentle spirit! He will absolutely melt when you start petting him, and he has the nicest thick plushy fur. He is doing very well here at YGRR and will continue to thrive in his new home!

A funny trait of Sampson’s is that he licks everything! When he’s feeling nervous he will cover you in kisses, and when he’s unsure we’ve found that he always looks to us for reassurance and direction (a wonderful quality in a dog!). A perfect companion for him would be calm, confident, and loving, with some prior dog experience. Once he bonds with you, Sampson will be your devoted friend for life. He walks well on leash with his easy-walk harness, and is very responsive to his handler. He likes playing with toys, and we’re pretty sure he’ll enjoy anything he can do with you!




Dogs: Sampson was very friendly with the dog he met here, although might be a little too forward for a dog who likes their space!
Cats: No cats
Kids: Sampson would do well with teenagers
Fence: Highly recommended!

Interested adopters may be asked to visit Sampson several times prior to adoption in order for him to bond with his new family.

Delilah $400

Shephard Mix, 2 years old, 88 pounds

Beautiful Delilah! She is every bit as lovely as the spring flowers… we love this girl so much!

Delilah’s early life is a bit of a mystery. We think she’s playing a little bit of catch-up with her social skills, and is working on being a polite young lady. Once you get past her initial excitement, Delilah is kind, playful, affectionate, and very social. She enjoys playing with toys and is happy to play whatever game she thinks you’d like.

Delilah is smart as a whip and will absolutely thrive with a family who will not only help her learn skills, but will give her a job to do. She already knows some cues: sit, come, and shake! She’s working on walking nicely on leash (and doing amazing, we might add), and we think there’s no limit to what you could teach Delilah to do. She’d be an amazing dog for anyone interested in canine behavior, training, or athletics. Once she’s bonded with you, we think she would love going on adventures: hiking, running, meeting new people, maybe even camping! Delilah will be an incredibly loving, loyal, and devoted companion for a lucky person.

Dog-savvy adopters only! No First time dog owners!


Dogs: We think Delilah would do best in a home without another dog
Cats: Delilah shouldn’t live with cats or small animals
Kids: No kids!
Fence: Highly recommended

Interested adopters may be asked to visit Delilah several times prior to adoption in order for her to bond with her new family.


Golden Retriever, 1.5 year old female, 60 lbs

 Rider: ADOPTED!

Golden Retriever, 1.5 year old male, 75 lbs

Meet River and Rider! These beautiful goldens are a bonded pair of siblings and are excited to meet their new forever family!

These two siblings are a bonded pair and must go together to their forever home! Rider is a sweet boy who loves to play, his favorite toy is his rubber ball and he’s happy to play fetch with you or chew on it for hours. When his sister decides she wants that ball too, get ready to be entertained by adorable golden wrestling!

They are both very intelligent- Rider knows quite a few tricks already and they both can’t wait to learn more in their new home! River and Rider will need a home who is patient with them while they learn their house manners and grow out of some of their silly puppy behaviors. They get so excited when making new friends they can sometimes forget to be gentle so their ideal home should be adults and older teenagers only. River and Rider are a handful of fun- they love to run around, go on walks, hikes, and any other adventures you can think of! They’ll make wonderful companions for a high energy family looking for endless laughs and just as many cuddles with this dynamite golden duo.

Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Older Teenagers Okay
Fence: Not required, but recommended


Golden Retriever, 8 year old female, 60 lbs

Doris is a sweet Turkish girl! This little old lady was originally adopted from Yankee in 2019 and has unfortunately been returned two times. Sometimes things don’t work out, but that’s okay! She’s ready to find her perfect retirement home with you.

Doris is fluffy, cheerful, and always extremely excited to meet you. She might be on the smaller side, but she is strong! Somewhere in her short, round body is the strength of a dog twice her size, and she will need a home strong enough to handle her when she gets excited. She usually walks pretty nicely on leash and enjoys her walkies very much, but if she sees something that catches her interest you can be sure she’ll investigate- and take you along with her! Things that catch her interest include squirrels (pretty interesting), outdoor cats (VERY interesting), and other dogs (whoa! take it easy, Doris). We’re not sure what Doris’s life was like growing up in Turkey, but it might have been pretty tough. Because of that, dogs are kind of a big deal to Doris, her ideal home should make sure she won’t have to interact with or be around other dogs.

Her earlier life also means that when Doris gets something special, she wants to keep it! She’s not very good at sharing and shouldn’t be bothered while eating or while chewing on a high value treat or toy. Luckily, she’s more than happy to share all the love in her big heart with you and everyone else!

Doris is such a loving soul. She hasn’t even met you yet but she already loves you. She’ll position herself directly underneath your hand for optimal pats. If you move yourself she’ll move too. Most people have two hands and that is optimal for petting, but if you only have one that’s perfectly fine too. She wants you to pet her all day and is perfectly content doing the retired-dog thing. No runs necessary for this girl! A nice long walk with the people she loves (and no dogs in sight!) will do.

Doris will need a strong owner that will be able to handle her while walking. She is very reactive to dogs while on leash and can be hard to hold onto to due to her strength!

This will be her 3rd home and we want to make sure that is her last so she can live out the rest of her “Golden” years in her “Furever” home!

Fence: very highly recommended! Ideally a solid fence so she’d have fewer things to bark at
Cats: Nope
Dogs: That is a solid NO! (Would benefit from reactive dog classes)
Kids: Teens okay


Golden Retriever, 4 year old male, 65 pounds

River is the cutest new addition to the YGRR family! Originally from Turkey, he is young, sweet, and ready to play fetch or cuddle with you all day long. River loves to go on walks and learn new tricks, if you’re active and interested in helping him expand his impressive collection of tricks, River’s the dog for you! He’s willing to go on any adventure, including day trips in the car and swimming in a pond.

River really loves his toys, especially the ones that squeak. In fact, he can entertain himself if you give him a cool enrichment toy and some space! River isn’t really interested in sharing his toys, so his ideal home will respect his space and leave him to play to his “Golden” hearts content. This goes double for his meals! River was never guaranteed a meal in his early life, so his home should be understanding of his space while eating and around his food bowl.

River likes to run around with other respectful dogs. We can’t know what type of interactions he had in Turkey, but he’s learned that some dogs aren’t as nice as others, so he can be a little picky about his friends. He might enjoy a polite playmate who loves to run and wrestle, but he should not go to a home with another dog.

Does this cuddly little guy sound like your new best friend? If so, come meet him today!

Fence: Not required, but recommended!
Cats: No
Dogs: No, really doesn’t like to share!
Kids: NO!

Toby $400: ADOPTED!

Golden Retriever Mix. 5 year old male, 50 pounds

Don’t you love this face? We definitely do. Meet Toby! The big joy of Toby’s life is spending time outside—don’t worry though, he is NOT exercising. Toby is a low-energy guy and lives his life at an easygoing pace. What Toby is actually doing outside tends to fall into a few broad categories: looking at things, sniffing the air, pondering his life, digging holes, and sleeping. Here at YGRR, we let Toby stay outside as much as he wants (within reason, of course). Sometimes he will even bring his blanket outside for a more luxurious experience. Growing up in Turkey and spending most of his time on the streets, Toby is very comfortable outdoors and is still learning to be an inside-dog. He’s convinced that basically everything is a toy, and if it isn’t, well… he’ll still play with it!

Toby was most likely struck by a vehicle at some point in his life, which caused injuries to his head and hip. He is missing some teeth, but eats canned or softened food with no problems and still loves to chew on bully sticks or bones! The injury to his hip has healed, but may at some point require surgery to ensure his comfort in the future.

An ideal home for Toby would be one with a big fenced-in yard and a laid-back family. While he’s used to living in a city, a quieter neighborhood would be best. He is often “on alert” and will let you know if anyone stops by! He’s very friendly and easy to get along with, especially if people are politely introduced to him.

Dogs: UPDATE: after spending time with him, we think Toby would do best in a home with no other dogs
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 10+
Fence: Required