Roscoe, YGRR #5955

Hi, Everyone –

Just a quick note to let you know that “Roscoe Bear” is doing very well. In fact, he’s doing great! We’re just hanging out indoors on this cold, wet and windy Friday…but it’s all good. Lots of bonding time. ❤️ Roscoe is adjusting well to his new home and is quickly getting used to all the sights and sounds. As you can see, he loves his bed and his plushies. Even though they don’t last very long, those plushies are a BIG hit (no pun intended)! Roscoe also loves his new back yard, and he’s certainly keeping the squirrels and chipmunks in line. Latest tally: Roscoe – 1; Chipmunks – 0. He also loves going for walks in the neighborhood and is walking really well on his leash. As soon it’s attached to his harness, he’s up and at the back gate in record time.  I can’t begin to articulate how much we already love and adore this dog. All I can say is…thank you. We’re very fortunate, and blessed, to have him in our lives. xo

Warm regards,

Annmarie C.

Roscoe came to us from an Oklahoma rescue partner.