• rosie and muffin

    Rosebud #5044 and Muffin #5043

    Rosebud and Muffin were surrendered to a shelter in Vermont because their family could no longer afford to care for them. The shelter was inundated with animals, many also turned in due to financial constraints. YGRR had worked with the shelter before, and they knew we would be able to take these 4-year-old littermates into […]

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  • Cayenne #5066

    YGRR received a call from an emergency animal hospital in New England. A 4-year-old dog named Cayenne had been brought in after being struck by a car. Cayenne’s owners only had him for a week and were playing with him off-leash when he ran into the road. His new family could not afford the surgery […]

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  • Sofie5161

    Sofie #5161

    Sofie was seized by an animal control officer because she was living on a chain that was less than 2 feet long. Although there was a bucket of green, scummy water nearby, Sofie was not able to even reach it. The owners did not attempt to get Sofie back after she was seized, so the […]

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  • Merlin5188

    Merlin #5188

    Previously Featured Adoptions – April 2015 Merlin was 8 when his family could no longer keep him. Merlin had been with them since he was a puppy and was a true member of his family. Sadly, two family members suffered from severe allergies. After ignoring their doctor’s advice in an effort to keep Merlin, they […]

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  • Odie5173

    Odie #5173

    Previously Featured Adoptions – May 2015 Odie was 8 when his family could no longer provide for all his medical needs. The family had diligently tried to care for Odie’s allergies and constant barrage of skin and ear infections, but they had a child whose medical needs also had to be met. The financial strain […]

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  • Abbey-5157

    Abbey #5157

    Previously Featured Adoptions – May 2015 Abbey was 12 years old when her family had to move. They had owned Abbey since she was a puppy, but they could not take Abbey with them. They were extremely worried about her because of her age and also due to the fact that Abbey was blind. After […]

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  • Brady4535

    Brady #4535

    Previously Featured Adoptions – May 2015 Brady was 1 ½ years old when he was surrendered to YGRR because he was too exuberant for his family. His owners were physically unable to handle him and described him as an overgrown puppy. They recognized that they were unable to meet Brady’s needs and they made the […]

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  • Choo Choo 2

    Choo Choo #5190

    Previously Featured Adoptions – May 2015 Choo Choo was 5 when her family could no longer keep her. They had recently had a baby, among other changes, and the demands on their time and finances became too much. Choo Choo was described as the friendliest dog, who loved everyone she met. She was spending most […]

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  • Barney4700

    Barney #4700

    Previously Featured Adoptions – April 2015 Barney was 5 years old when his family could no longer give him the time he needed. His family wanted him to get the exercise and attention they couldn’t provide, so after looking into all their options, Barney was soon on his way to YGRR. Barney was a healthy […]

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  • Cody5184

    Cody #5184

    Previously Featured Adoptions – April 2015 Cody’s family could no longer keep him due to allergies and other health concerns within the household. Cody was a very exuberant 7 year old. He needed a lot of exercise and attention, and this wasn’t possible with the current circumstances. His owners made the difficult decision to let […]

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